A vectored plain I-Cubit by RC



Appearances Nixel, Nixel, Go Away
Type Device
No line is too long for the I-Cubit!
Frazzled Mixel

The I-Cubit is an invention created by King Nixel. Their purpose is to remove Mixing.

Mixopolis Mixels traded in their regular Cubits for them, unaware that it would drain away their color and zombify them. This was King Nixel's last plan to conquer the Mixelverse. The product's headquarters was the I-Cubit Building.


Unlike the normal Cubits, which gave Mixels the power to Mix, Max, and Murp, the I-Cubits drained the color of their holder and turned them into colorless zombies. I-Cubits had no ability to combine two or more Mixels, due to the Nixels' hatred of creativity.

Affected Mixels

The following Mixels traded in their old Cubits for I-Cubits and thus were zombified as a result (alphabetical order):

Possible Survivors

These characters could have resisted the I-Cubit scam and avoided the effects.

Confirmed Survivors

These characters did not feel the I-Cubit effect at all, and were never Nixellized.


I-Cubits are square-shaped solid objects. They are divided into four small, grey and white square shapes that fill the base of it.


King Nixel set up booths across Mixopolis where Mixels would trade in their old Cubits for the I-Cubit. With almost every Mixel in Mixopolis without a Cubit, the Mixels were powerless as they could not Mix, causing the Nixels to attack Mixopolis. ("Nixel, Nixel, Go Away")


  • The I-Cubit name, plus the fact that everybody goes crazy for it once it is released, is similar to Apple's naming scheme and the popularity of their products.
  • The I-Cubit design is similar to the brick-built LEGO Cubits in the 2014-2015 stop motion videos.
  • Its ability is similar to that of the Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer.


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