[Vulk is humming and taking a shower. Suddenly, the lava disappears; he looks up in confusion as a gurgling noise is heard. Cut to outside. Zorch uses his jet boosters on Flain's head to light it up.]

Vulk: (Running in, panicking) Hey, guys! The lava shower's clogged again! Oh! Teslo and Krader are coming over for ice cream! We've gots to do something about that faucet!

Flain: You guys wanna fix it... with a mix-it?

[Flain holds out Cubit, all three touch it. The Cubit grows a huge arm, which grabs the Infernites, pounces left and right and mixes them to the Infernite Max. He runs towards the pipes and blows into them, sending a red-hot bulge clanking loudly throughout the system. Cut to Krader's house, then into his bathroom. Krader is holding a book and slams open the door, about to sit on the toilet, which glows bright red. Cut to outside his house.]

Krader: AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! (Environment shakes.)

[The bulge travels through the pipe system again. Cut to Teslo's house. Teslo comes back from running, is wearing exercise clothes, and is panting. He stops next to a water fountain, which the bulge stops, making the fountain glow bright red. He purses his lips to drink. Cut to outside his house.]


[Cut to Vulk humming and taking a shower. There is a knock and he walks out, now wearing a towel and opens the lava door to see Krader and Teslo, both angered. There are scorch marks near Teslo’s mouth.]

Vulk: Hey, fellas.

Teslo: (Swollen-sounding) You burnt my mouth!

Krader: Yeah! You burnt my south! (Turns around, points to his red behind.)

Vulk: Oh... um... sorry guys, but... uh... you know what they say...!

[Cut to Vulk and Teslo sitting down, eating ice cream]

Teslo: (Normal-sounding) It's totally true what they say, right... eh... Krader? (Slightly cringes.)

[Cut to Krader. He’s holding an ice cream cone.]

Krader: Yeah! Yeah! (Pan out, he has three ice cream cones stuck to his butt.) Ice cream does make everything better! (Licks ice cream.)

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