Hoogi & Magnifo Mix
Full body Magnifo Hoogi Mix.png
Cartoon Appearances Mixels.com
Calling All Mixels
Primary Mixel Hoogi
Secondary Mixel Magnifo
Purpose To defeat Nixels/Major Nixel (Calling All Mixels)
Ability Can shoot magic orbs with his bare hands
Blade Rush (Throw blades at a target, then rush toward the enemy)

The Hoogi & Magnifo Mix is a Mix that made his debut in Calling All Mixels.

Physical Appearance

The Mix has Hoogi's body with Magnifo's arms, cape, eye, feet, and jaw at the bottom. On the top of the body is two tan cat-like ears with Magnifo's hat behind it, and three of Hoogi's fingers sticking inside. Hoogi's arms are used as legs.



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