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|type = [[Food]]
|type = [[Food]]
'''Hamlogna sandwiches''' are [[food]] from [[Mixel Land]].
'''Hamlogna sandwiches''' are [[food]] from [[Mixel Land]]. Most applicable to [[|Zaptor]] and [[|Jawg]] who love to eat these sandwiches.

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Hamlogna Sandwich


Complete Hamlogna Sandwich

Appearances Changing a Light Bulb
Wrong Colors
Hamlogna Conveyor Belt Madness
Mixed Up Special
Mixel Moon Madness
Type Food

Hamlogna sandwiches are food from Mixel Land. Most applicable to [[1]] and [[2]] who love to eat these sandwiches.


Hamlogna sandwiches, being a mix of ham and bologna sandwiches, have meat that looks more like bologna, rather than ham and bologna combined. The sandwich also usually has tomatoes and lettuce in it. The meat is pink, though it is sometimes portrayed as red.

In LEGO form, it is made with a 2x2 pink circular plate in between two 2x2 tan tiles, as seen in a stop motion video.


Calling All Mixels

Flain hopes there are hamlogna sandwiches at a party.

Will this help

Changing a Light Bulb

While the other Electroids were trying to find a light bulb, Zaptor found a hamlogna sandwich and asked if it could help.

Hambalonga cubit

Wrong Colors

When Shuff and Volectro were running from the Nixels, Volectro asked Shuff if he had a Cubit. Shuff said he did, but pulled out a hamlogna sandwich instead and mentioned Zaptor, questioning why he had the sandwich in his possession.

Hamlogna Conveyer Belt Madness

Hamlogna Conveyer Belt Madness

Tentro and Lunk were making many hamlogna sandwiches on a conveyer belt. Zaptor sees the sandwiches come out of a giant tube, and gets excited. He changes the settings on the conveyer belt from "slow" to "fast", overwhelming the two workers. Eventually, many come out of the tube. As Zaptor goes to eat them, Jawg walks by and devours the whole pile in one bite, making Zaptor get what he had coming.

We got hamlogna

Mixed Up Special

In Epic Comedy Adventure, Zaptor eats all of the sandwiches at the Mix Festival, causing everyone to get angry with him and go to find more; this instigates the main plot.

I love MixelPark!

Later, in Murp Romp, Flain, Zaptor, Chomly, and Lunk are seen eating hamlogna sandwiches at a picnic, before the Wiztastics show up to advertise their show.


Mixel Moon Madness

Fossilized hamlogna sandwiches are seen underground when the Nixels are digging under the Mixel Moon.


  • It is Zaptor and Jawg's favorite food.
    • It is possible for Jawg to eat them in large quantities.
  • The known Mixels who like it are Zaptor, Jawg, FlainFlurr, Lunk, ChomlyKraw and Tentro.
  • It is proven to never be helpful for anything.
  • Hamlogna sandwiches are famous in the show for their appearances and are a running gag in the series. They are more common than any other food so far, and have their own episode.
  • They look different in Hamlogna Conveyer Belt Madness. Instead of having lettuce, tomato, and other toppings, they are simply made of two slices of bread and hamlogna slices.
    • It is possible that the Mixels could add toppings to it after they receive the basic version.
  • Mixels Rush was originally set to have a hamlogna sandwich item in the game, but it was removed from the final game. It is unknown what the ability of it would have been.[1]


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