Gravity Plug
Gravity plug
Appearances Mixel Moon Madness
Type Cork
Gotta pull the plug!
— Burnard

The Gravity Plug is a large cork, blocking a hole in the floor of the Glowkie Caves.


Mixel Moon Madness

During their performance in the Glowkie Caves, the Glowkies sing the song Don't Pull The Plug!, which warns about the gravity plug and how it holds the place together. They also warn about what happens when it is pulled, telling the audience not to do it. However, Burnard couldn't help it and decides to pull it anyways while the tribe keeps performing on stage. In its location, the gravity plug is strong and wedged in deep. So, with a Cubit in his hand, Rokit, dragged by Burnard, was forced into a Mix that was able to pull it with his enhanced strength.


When it is pulled, everything on Mixel Moon, including the moon itself, is sucked into the void of space and disappears.


  • It requires parkour to get to it.
  • It appears to be jammed in deep, as Burnard was not strong enough to pull it up on his own and had to Mix with Rokit to pull it.


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