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Gobba & Tentro Mix
Cartoon Appearances Mixels.com
Calling All Mixels
A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig (dream sequence)
Primary Mixel Gobba
Secondary Mixel Tentro
Purpose To defeat Nixels/Major Nixel (Calling All Mixels)
Ability Can quickly grab things and eat them

The Gobba & Tentro Mix is a Mix that made his debut in Calling All Mixels.

Physical Appearance

The Mix mostly resembles Gobba. He has Gobba's head with Tentro's small tentacles on his head, acting like eyebrows. He also has Tentro's body with Gobba's hip. Surrounding his body is Tentro's tentacles. On the bottom of his body is Gobba's feet and legs.


A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig

As a part of King Nixel's brief explanation of how Mixels need to get along first in order to Mix, the Mix appears in the form of a think bubble in King Nixel's mind. When he explains if they don't get along, the Mix beats himself up.


  • There is a LEGO Mix with Gobba and Tentro that has a similar appearance.
  • He looks similar to Berp.


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