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Gobba & Tentro Mix!
Gobba tentro mix video05
Series 2
Episode Number 6
Release Date November 17, 2014
Characters Gobba
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Kraw & Flurr Mix!
Glorp Corp Max
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Gobba & Tentro Mix[1] is the sixth episode of the Mixels stop motions. It was released on November 17, 2014 on YouTube.


Balk, Gobba and Tentro are having a diving contest! Will Balk and Tenro’s mix will impress the Nixel judges?[sic][1]


Balk, Gobba and Tentro take part in a diving contest. Balk receives a total score of 3.5 from the Nixel judges. This annoys Tentro, who climbs up the ladder with Gobba and Mixes with him. The Mix dives into the pool and makes a massive splash, which washes away the Nixels.


Major Characters

Minor Characters


  • Gobba & Tentro SandboxCubit017 Mix


  • This is the first time Nixels are seen not physically attacking Mixels, instead acting as judges.


  • Balk is erroneously referred to as the one that Mixes with Tentro instead of Gobba in the description.
  • Tentro's name is misspelled as "Tenro" in the synopsis at one point.



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