Go, Go, Go Mighty Nindjas!
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Song by Jess Harnell
Released October 1, 2016
Genre(s) Various
Length 1:13
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MIXELS Song - Go, Go, Go Mighty Nindjas!

MIXELS Song - Go, Go, Go Mighty Nindjas!

Go, Go, Go Mighty Nindjas! is a song sung in Nixel, Nixel, Go Away. With vocals provided by Jess Harnell, it serves as the theme music for the Nindjas.



♪Go, go, go, mighty Nindjas!♪

♪Comin' Together to fight for what's right everywhere!♪

Introduction version (after chorus)

♪There's Cobrax!♪ (Cobrax: Gotcha!)

♪And Spinza!♪ (Spinza: Oh, yeah!)

♪And Mysto!♪ (Mysto: The power is within us all, Until we return, it is up to all Mixels to preserve the balance.)

Cobrax: With color!

Spinza: Diversity!

Mysto: And Mixing!


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  • It is the second and final song with lyrics.

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