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My intel doesn't have much on these mysterious Mixels, except they have huge bulging eyes, hairy insect legs, and razor-sharp fangs!
I think they're cute.

The Glowkies are an alien Mixel tribe in Mixels. They are navy blue, light cyan, and dark gray in color. They are a nocturnal and a night-themed tribe, and have bioluminescence on their bodies and eyes, which are an off-yellow color. They love to perform for and entertain other Mixels.


The Glowkies live in a cave with a big stage where they love to perform for and entertain their Mixel cousins.


Image Name Description
GlobertMR.png Globert As the leader, he is the one who loves to put on a great show!
VamposMR.png Vampos A true acrobat and sports fanatic.
BooglyMR.png Boogly The easily annoying braggart.


Image Name Description
Bats A group of similar-looking monsters who help in performances or act as an audience for the three main members.
PhospheeE17.png Phosphee A student at Mixopolis Middle School who helps make the Royal Mix.
VespyE17.png Vespy A background Glowkie who shares a model with Nummie and Cayno.


The following list contains the episodes in which all three members of this tribe are seen, excluding Background Mixels.


  • They are the first tribe to have bioluminescence. This is represented in-show by the sclerae of their eyes being a slight yellow color, instead of standard white. This also means that their LEGO models are the first with glow in the dark pieces. Their bags imply that the bricks are normal in light/during the day, but they are glow-in-the-dark with the lights off at night. However, only their eyes glow in the sets. At night, their eyes also take on a green color.
  • Their tribe name is sometimes misspelled as Glowkis or Glowkees. The LEGO Mixels website's Explore page originally had their name misspelled as "Glowkis".
  • The fact that they like to perform makes them very similar to the Wiztastics and the Mixies.
  • They like to throw parties.
  • In Mixel Moon Madness, they are portrayed as antagonists at first, due to the Orbitons' misleading which was later cleared up.
  • They appear to be a different generation of Glowkies, as Don't Pull The Plug! has a lyric that mentions that "a law was handed down to them".
  • The tribe description on LEGO's website states that the main three Glowkies have cousins.
  • In the cartoon, the three main Glowkies have very similar legs, excluding Boogly's front two legs.
  • They use the darkest colors of all the tribes. 
  • They are the only tribe to have more than one Max.


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