Glorp Corp Max
Glorp Corp Max without background
Primary Mixel Glomp
Secondary Mixel Glurt
Tertiary Mixel Torts
Purpose(s) To protect Footi from Nixels (Glorp Corp Max LEGO Video)
Ability(ies) Can shoot fists of snot
Can curl up into a giant ball to crush things in his path

The Glorp Corp Max is a Max that has not yet appeared in the cartoon, but has appeared on

Physical Appearance

Overall, this Max resembles Torts the most.

The Glorp Corp Max has two feet with lime green slopes going down to two sharp toes and dark green legs. His body has a semi-circular bottom with a dark green section on the right of the body sloping down, while the rest is lime green. At the back of his body is a thick, lime green tail squiggling with a shorter black part tapering onto the tail, with a vine tail on top, and three transparent green spikes going in a diagonal pattern on the body. His head has a black jaw with two teeth on a dark green square in the middle of the head, with two lime-green nostrils including slime spewing out. The rest of his head includes a dark green top of the head soon going up onto the back, which slopes up to the back. There are Torts' antenna-like parts with a somewhat long triangular part fitting in the middle, and with two dopey eyes. He has dark green arms with a long, transparent spike connecting to each arm, with slime spewing out lots of goo.


He can use the snot from his nose as fists by throwing jabs rapidly. He can also curl himself into a ball to crush things in his path.

Set Information

The 2014 Glorp Corp Max can be built using parts combined from Mixels sets 41518 Glomp, 41519 Glurt, and 41520 Torts. Extra parts are leftover after construction. Instructions are available on the LEGO website downloads page.

Glorp Corp Max

Glorp Corp Max in LEGO form


  • He was first thought to have slime coming out of his mouth, but this was proven false, as it comes out of its nose. This is most likely due to the fact that in his LEGO model, his slime looks like it is coming from his mouth.
  • He, the Fang Gang Max, the Munchos Max, the 2015 Frosticons Max, and the Spikels Max are the only Maxes with noses.
  • He has the least teeth of all the Maxes.
  • This Max slightly resembles a squirell or rodent-like creature
  • This Max isn't present in Mixels Rush


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