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MIX! The page you are about to view has something to do with the Mixel tribe of the Glorp Corp. The green, gooey Glorp Corp is a swamp-dwelling tribe of outrageous thrill-seekers.

Glorp Corp

The Glorp Corp are thrill-seeking, adventurous Mixels who live in a castle in the heart of the Swamplands. They are green in color.


  • Glomp - The incredibly crazy, inventive, and adventure-loving leader.
  • Glurt - The hound-like one who cleans up after everyone.
  • Torts - The slow but incredibly strong member.


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  • Their leader is Glomp.
  • Glurt produces the least amount of slime and goo.
    • Torts produces the most.
  • They are based upon slime and goo, and the element they are based on would likely be poison.
  • Their full name is likely Glorp Corporation, or maybe even Glorporation Corporation.
  • They contain the last four-legged Mixel, being Glurt.
  • They are the second tribe with two words in their name, the first being the Fang Gang.
  • Their Cycloptic Member is Glomp.



Glorp Corp

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