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The Glorp Corp are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They are thrill-seeking and adventurous, and love to spread their own kind of joy. They are lime green, green, trans lime green, and trans dark green in color.



The three original Glorp Corp were featured in the third wave of Mixels.

Image Name Description
GlompArtwork.png Glomp The incredibly crazy, inventive, and adventure-loving leader.
GlurtArtwork.png Glurt The hound-like one who cleans up after everyone.
TortsArtwork.png Torts The slow but incredibly strong member.


In Series 6, three more members were released. They are the cousins of the original Glorp Corp.

Image Name Description
Dribbal S6.png Dribbal A total know-it-all member with glasses.
Gurggle S6.png Gurggle A fast-talking hothead with a serious sinus problem, and along with his slime covering legs and feet, he's so impatient that he tends to act impulsively.
Slusho S6.png Slusho A hippo in a hummingbird’s body who loves to soar like an eagle, but all of his slimy-covered wings makes it difficult.


Image Name Description
Oozlybycmr.png Oozly This Mixel is seen fishing in a lake of slime when the Egg-Rock flies into the Swamplands.
Slymee vector.png Slymee This Mixel delivers mail to Gurggle when he and Dribbal are introduced. He is also a student attending Mixopolis Middle School.
Booger vector redo.png Booger A student attending Mixopolis Middle School.
Globbie vector.png Globbie A student attending Mixopolis Middle School.
Background Clorp Corp Mixel.png Peridoot A background Glorp Corp Mixel who shares a model with an unnamed magenta tribe member.
Gloote A background Glorp Corp who shares a model with Fridjerk.
Vector Glorp Corp Freezi-Breezi by RC.png Slime-Time A background Glorp Corp who shares a model with Freezi-Breezi.


The following list contains the episodes in which all three members of this tribe are seen, excluding Background Mixels.


  • Their full tribe name is likely Glorp Corporation.
  • The 2015 members appear to be more swamp-inspired, rather than goo-inspired.
  • Glurt produces the least amount of slime and goo. Torts produces the most.
  • The 2015 members have less black parts than the 2014 members.
  • All 2014 members have 5 letters in their names.
  • Most of the Background Mixels barely have any slimy parts.
  • Some of the Background Mixels of their tribe are colored in lighter shades than the core six.
  • The 2014 Glorp Corp is the only Series 3 tribe where each member's LEGO model doesn't have their own eye piece.
  • The 2015 members lack the transparent dark green pieces that the 2014 members have. This makes them the only tribe to have a coloration difference between the original and the cousins.


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