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41533 Globert a


Diamond Iris

Those wings..


Performance Globert

Debut Mixel Moon Madness
Last Appearance  ?
Nicknames (aka)  ?
Tribe Glowkies
Position Leader
Gender Preference Male
Color Navy blue
Light cyan
Special Features Wings
One eye
Under bite
Bat ears
Likes Performing
Dislikes Nixels
Quote "This is going to be FABULOUS!"
Voice Actor Dave Fennoy
Game Abilities  ?
File:41533 Globert.png
Series 4
Item Number 41533
Packaging Dark blue bag
No. of Pieces 45
Price US Flag $4.99

CA Flag $5.99
EU Flag €3.99
UK Flag £2.99
DK Flag 29.95 kr

In-Booklet Code (none)

Globert is a Glowkie Mixel.



Globert, like the other Glowkies, is a bragger who believes he can dazzle any audience. He is the tribe’s ultimate exhibitionist. He is somewhat flamboyant, as displayed through his voice, his word choices, and his performance outfits.

Physical Appearance

Globert has a round body with a tail-like back. He has a mouth with an underbite with two teeth pointing up and a tongue with light cyan color. At the top of the body is a square head connected to the bottom of the body with one large cycloptic eye surrounding the head, and two bat wings on both sides and black pointy ears at the top. He also has two long teeth on both sides with three smaller teeth between them. he also has two feet with two light cyan toenails.


Globert's eye has a shiny, hypnotic glow. Any Mixel or Nixel who sees it will become mesmerized. He can also fly with his bat-like wings.


Early life

Not much is known about Globert's early life. At some point, he gained a love for performing.

First adventures

At one point in time, Globert joined Nurp-Naut and Burnard in their ship-space to explore Outer Space. ("Mixed Up Maze")

Globert had also attended a special convention with his Glowkie brothers, fellow alien tribe the Orbitons, and new friends the Infernites. At it, they competed in quite a few events. ("Mixels Convention Craze")

Memorable Quotes

  • "BOO!" -Globert, LEGO ad
  • "Not so fast, cowboys! You dare enter the secret cave of the Glowkies?!" -Globert, Mixel Moon Madness
  • "That's right, mister!" -Globert, Mixel Moon Madness

Set Information

Globert was released as part of the series 4 Mixels sets in the February 2015 product wave. His product number is 41533 and contains 45 pieces.


  • He is the leader of the Glowkies.
  • He is based on an average bat.
  • He has wings like Flurr, Mesmo, Vampos, Tungster and Slusho. He uses the same wing pieces as Flurr, only they are navy blue.
  • He has one eye like Vulk, Seismo, Teslo, Kraw, Glomp, Boogly, Niksput, Flamzer, and Magnifo. Globert has the biggest eye out of all the Mixels so far.
  • He has the least amount of pieces of the Glowkies. He also ties with Zorch for the least amount of pieces out of all the Mixels so far.
  • His name is a pun on the name "Gilbert" and the word "glow".
  • His tongue appears to be light cyan. However, it is navy blue in his LEGO set.
  • He was one of the first Series 4 Mixels revealed, and the first Glowkie revealed.
  • He shares his underbite type with Nurp-Naut and Magnifo.
  • He is one of four cycloptic Mixels who is not the leader of his tribe, the others being Vulk, Seismo and Flamzer.
  • He is the tallest Glowkie in LEGO form. However, he is not in animated form.
  • His wings can morph into hands with usable fingers when needed.
  • He sang Don't Pull The Plug! in Mixel Moon Madness.

Behind the Scenes

Series 4 mixels

Globert was first revealed as a character in the Mixels franchise on July 27, 2014 at San Diego Comic-Con International, and only his LEGO set was shown.


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TV series

Season 2






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