Frozen Volcanoes
Frosticon Land
Inhabitants Frosticons
Visitors Flain
Features Icy structures
Giant desserts
Ice half-pipe
Ice slide

The Frosticons hail from their freezing home, the Frozen Volcanoes, a location on Planet Mixel. The whole region is comprised of snowflake roads, glaciers, icebergs, popsicles, and other tasty/icy things. It has below-zero temperatures.



CAM Frozen Volcanoes in Meet the Frosticons Popup

On Calling All Mixels popup

The Frozen Volcanoes have an icy, flat ground with a blue (pink prior to 2015) river with snowflakes inside of it and large popsicles as trees. There are giant icy cliffs that are made up of the frozen crystal shells of dead volcanoes surrounding the Frozen Volcanoes.

In Apps

Calling All Mixels

Let's kick some ice!
— World selection slogan

In Calling All Mixels

In Calling All Mixels, the Frozen Volcanoes have a higher focus on the dessert-based design. The popsicles remain, but are also accompanied by giant scoops of ice cream, both with and without cones. The ground is decorated with streaks of various syrups, birthday present ribbons, and rainbow sprinkles. Snowmen and snowflake flowers are also found in the area, along with snowboarding gear and various ice hockey rinks. There are also some hot cocoa shops and huts.

Mixels Rush

In Mixels Rush, the Frozen Volcanoes are called Frosticon Land, and are the first world in the game.


In Mixels Rush

Background Music

Calling All Mixels

Frosticons action loop
Frosticons exploration loop
Frosticons region background loop

Mixels Rush

Bgm frosticons


  • There is a large half-pipe for snowboarding here, as seen in Snow Half-Pipe.
  • The ice in the Frozen Volcanoes is cold enough to freeze Mixels, including heated ones like Flain and possibly the other Infernites.
  • In 2015, the Frozen Volcanoes gained some minor changes. The river and sky are now blue instead of pink and the volcanoes themselves appear to be more "shiny" than the original ones. The Popsicle Trees in the location are more vivid in color as well.
  • It is the second land to have a LEGO version of itself; the first being the Magic Tent, the third being Klinkerton, and the fourth being Weldo Land.
  • There is a Nixel base located under the Frozen Volcanoes.


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