Frosticons Tribe
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MIX! The page you are about to view has something to do with the Mixel tribe of Frosticons. Slow-moving and chillaxed, the Frosticons spend most of their time power napping in sub-zero temperatures.

Series 2
Color Blue
Home Frozen Volcanoes
Occupation Ice Mixels
Leader  ?

The Frosticons are a tribe of Mixels with icy powers, and hail from the frozen crystalline shells of dead volcanoes. They are blue in color.

Description Description

Slow-moving and chillaxed, the Frosticons spend most of their time power napping in sub-zero temperatures.


Flurr - The curious winged leader and the only one awake at all times.


Slumbo - The sleepy one who's extremely strong when awake.

Lunk - The goofy, dim, long-necked one with allergies.



Despite the fact that the tribes are based of opposite things, Slumbo gets along with Vulk and Flain. Despite this, however, Flain and Slumbo can't Mix at all, only turning into their log-like Murp. Other than that, they seem to otherwise be neutral.


Neutral, so far.


Neutral, so far.

Fang Gang

Slumbo dislikes Chomly. Gobba and Flurr seem to be good friends,too.


Good, so far. Lunk likes playing slingshot with Balk and somehow seems to be best friends with him. He is also best friends with Tentro.

Glorp Corp






  • Their leader is Flurr.
  • They are the first group with a Mixel that has a neck, and the second group to have a Mixel without regular hands.
  • They are based upon the element of ice.
  • The tribe is one of the three tribes to not have any cycloptic members.
  • They invented Snowboarding as a sport for Mixels Land.
  • All of them have medium azure colored pieces in their LEGO sets, which before had only been found in the Friends theme. This makes these pieces very rare.
  • Like the Infernites, the Frosticons are the primary Series 2 tribe.
  • Slumbo is sometimes mistaken as the leader.
  • Since Wrong Colors, at least one of them have been in every episode so far, thus making them the most common Mixels of their Series.
  • It is good, probably luck-bringing, and the bomb to be a Frosticon, stated by Flurr and Slumbo. ("Snow Half-Pipe")
  • The Frosticons and all the other tribes from series 2 begin with the letter F.






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