Footi & Wizwuz Murp
Appearances code
First Mixel Footi
Second Mixel Wizwuz
Ability Unknown

The Footi & Wizwuz Murp is a Murp that did not appear in the series, but has appeared in the code of as an unused Murp.

Physical Appearance

The Murp has Footi's body and legs, with elements of blue on his legs. His feet spikes are mostly black, with one of four on each foot being silver. He has four arms, two black and two purple, all with grey hands. His head is a mixture of Footi's and Wizwuz's, the backside being purple and the front being black with two nostrils. He has two purple eyebrows the resemble those of Vaka-Waka. He has three slopes on his head.


  • He and the Shuff & Zaptor Murp are the only Murps that have both a LEGO model and a cartoon model. However in the cartoon model, The bottom teeth are pointing up, As apposed to the LEGO model's bottom teeth pointing down.
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