Footi & Magnifo Mix
Cartoon Appearances
Primary Mixel Footi
Secondary Mixel Magnifo
Purpose Unknown
Ability Can use magic on his feet, which can make him float

The Footi & Magnifo Mix is a Mix that did not appear in the series, but has appeared on

Physical Appearance

The Mix mostly resembles Footi, although he has Magnifo's eye, jaw, hat and cape. He has Footi's eyes and his spikes are on each sides of Magnifo's hat. He has both Footi and Magnifo's arms, with each of them overlapping patterns. He has Magnifo's feet with his left foot having two spiky toes and the right foot having Magnifo's toes with Footi's spiky feet.


  • His physical appearance makes him resemble a Murp more than a Mix.


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