Flurr & Teslo Mix
Cartoon Appearances Epic Comedy Adventure
Primary Mixel Flurr
Secondary Mixel Teslo
Purpose To get rid of Nixels (Epic Comedy Adventure)
Ability Can create an energetic burst

The Flurr & Teslo Mix is a Mix that made his debut in Epic Comedy Adventure.

Physical Appearance

The Mix has Teslo's feet and tail, attached to Flurr's body, which is flipped vertically on the Mix. He has Flurr's upper jaw with Teslo's lower jaw and triangular attachment, along with Teslo's eye and Flurr's wings. His eyelid is the same dark blue as Flurr's.


Epic Comedy Adventure

The Flurr & Teslo Mix made his appearance when the Mixels were attacking the Nixels on Mixel Mountain. This Mix flew into a circle of Nixels and created an electric explosion that formed a shockwave that caused the effects of the Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer to be reversed.


  • His abilities appear to come from an Aurora, being a magnetic field at an ice pole.


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