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The Flexers are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They are intelligent and flexible, and live in the Sproingy Lands. They are orange in color with black highlights.


On the surface, they appear to be wild and dangerous, but in reality, the super stretchy Flexers are an intellectual bunch.



Image Name Description
41515 Kraw b.png Kraw He loves to stretch his intellect in a battle of wits, but he also just loves to stretch and bounce.
41516 Tentro 7.png Tentro Although he suffers from a lack of confidence, his tentacles makes him powerful and versatile.
41517 Balk b.png Balk He uses his head like a rubber mallet, but he may have knocked a few screws loose.


Image Name Description
Flexer student vector.png Slugber

A student attending Mixopolis Middle School.

Flexers' Teacher by RC.png
Teacher The teacher of Mixing 101 at Mixopolis Middle School.
SquiddoVectorbyDerek.png Squiddo

A student attending Mixopolis Middle School.

Vector Flexer or Nindja Zabo by RC.png T-Flex A background Flexer who shares a model with Zabo.
Wingspandex by RC.png Wingspandex A Background Flexer.


The following list contains the episodes in which all three members of this tribe are seen, excluding Background Mixels.


  • Their leader is Kraw.
  • They were originally called the Flexors and the Stretchers.
    • However, the official description on the United States Toys 'R' Us page previously still called them the "Stretchers".
  • They are based on the material rubber.
  • All of them are based on sea creatures: Kraw is based on a crab, Tentro, Squiddo, and the Teacher are based on squids, Balk is based on a hammerhead shark, and Slugber is based on a sea slug.
  • Each of them have a tendency to extend a specific vowel out to make it sound elastic-like, fitting their abilities. Kraw extends out O-based sounds (as seen in Epic Comedy Adventure), Tentro extends out I-based sounds (as seen in Elevator), and Balk extends out E-based sounds (which is also seen in Elevator).
  • According to Calling All Mixels, they have regular tea parties.
  • Each of them have a different number of legs; Kraw has six, Tentro has four, and Balk has three.
  • Their color scheme is nearly identical to that of the Nindjas.


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