Flain & Teslo Mix 1


Cartoon Appearances Mixels.com
Primary Mixel Flain
Secondary Mixel Teslo
Purpose Unknown
Ability Can fly by using his fiery wings and electrical energy

The first Flain & Teslo Mix is a Mix that did not appear in the cartoon, but has appeared on Mixels.com.

Physical Appearance

The Mix resembles Flain the most. He has red arms with grey accents and two flaming wings. Flain's beak and the middle prong are yellow, with a lightning rod on top and no head flame. He also has Teslo's feet.


  • Despite this being their primary Mix, it did not appear on the show, even though they Mixed in Epic Comedy Adventure.
  • When standing still, there is an error where this Mix's fire does not move on Mixels.com
  • He appears in his LEGO form but with several modifications. 


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