Flain & Krader Murp

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Appearances Murp
Snow Half-Pipe
First Mixel Flain
Second Mixel Krader
Ability Constantly lights himself on fire

The Flain & Krader Murp is a Murp that made his debut in Murp.

Physical Appearance

The Murp resembles Krader with two strange-looking eyes that neither Flain nor Krader have. He has Flain's beak with Krader's bucked teeth sticking out. The right side of his body has a hint of gold while the other has Flain's head prongs. He also has Krader's right arm as his left arm and Flain's arm as his right arm. His feet resemble Krader's feet with Flain's toes.



After Krader starts crying after Teslo saying the party was "super fun", Flain pulls out a Infernite/Cragster Cubit, but Krader warns him about the chances of Murping. After Shuff pulls down the Ballooñata, Flain and Krader touch the cubit, and Krader's warning turned out to be correct as they Murped. The Murp starts laughing and claps his hands, but then catches on fire which causes him to run around and jump into the river, making him sink.

Snow Half-Pipe

After Slumbo and Jawg's turn in snowboarding ended, Flain and Krader get ready to snowboard. Krader is seen holding and charging up the Cubit. However, when they are about to go up the half-pipe, they end up Murping. The Murp says "Murp" a few times and giggles before he lights himself on fire and falls down and makes a hole in the half-pipe. The other Mixels are disgusted and shocked when they see this.


  • He was the first Murp to appear in the series.
  • In the activity book, he has the ability to speak in simple English.
  • He is the most reoccurring Murp, with two appearances in-show.


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