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"Warning! This page is Infernite territory."

MIX! The page you are about to view has something to do with the Mixel tribe of Infernites. Fiery, short-tempered, but handy for a barbecue, the red-hot Infernites dwell in the magma wastelands near the Earth's core.

41500 Flain b
Debut Coconapple
Last Appearance  ?
Nicknames (aka)  ?
Tribe Infernites
Position Leader
Main character
Gender Preference Male
Color Red
Special Features Head Flames
Sharp toes
Likes Cookironies[1]
Lava hot tubs and slides[3]
Listening to music[4]
Hamlogna Sandwiches[5]
Dislikes Nixels
Log Toss[6]
Quote "Aw, schnixel!"
Voice Actor Tom Kenny
Game Abilities  ?
File:Flain Set.png
Series 1
Item Number 41500
Packaging Red polybag
No. of Pieces 58
Price $4.99 USD
In-Booklet Code HO7H8ADE2D

Flain is an Infernites Mixel. He is also one of the main characters.


Flain is the adventurous leader and known as “the smart one” of the group. But beware, if Flain thinks too hard that massive brain of his will explode and catch fire!


Flain is smart, brave, and relaxed. He often acts like a typical teenager and talks like a surfer, always saying things such as "dude", "man", "rad", and "awesome". Just note that since his brain includes so much information, he can get a bit crazy when he's under pressure. Although, he can get ticked very easily. Nonetheless, he is very sociable and would do anything for his friends and loved ones.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Let me load you up, my Cragster compadre." - Flain, Cookironi
  • "You guys wanna fix it... with a mix-it?" - Flain, Hot Lava Shower
  • "Welcome to the Infernite kingdom, my Cragster compadre!" - Flain, Nixels
  • "Oh yeah! Let's get mixel!" - Flain/Seismo Mix, Nixels
  • "Got a cubit!" - Flain, Murp
  • "Rockball looks fun, man. Let's play." - Flain, Rockball
  • "Murp... murp...Hehehe." - Flain/Krader Murp, Snow Half-Pipe
  • "All right, man, now's a good time for the cubit!" - Flain, Epic Comedy Adventure



Flain is laying down on a volcano and relaxing during the opening. He is seen again when Seismo and Zorch slam into it. Flain's head then catches on fire and makes an explosion. His eyes also catch on fire.


Flain enjoys the cookironis with the rest of the mixels. He gives one to Krader, suddenly realizing that that was the last one. Later, Flain appears as part of the Infernites max, and fights against the Cragster and the Electroid maxes until they de-fuse out of exhaustion and Zorch sits on the last Cookironi. Then the Mixels spot a Nixel with a Cookironi box and chase after it.

Hot Lava Shower

Flain hears Vulk complaining about problems with the shower faucet. Flain suggests they all Mix and create the Infernites Max to fix it.


Flain and Seismo create a lava slide at the Infernites home, but a Nixel comes in and attempts (and fails) to ruin their fun, and soon, many Nixels invade. Flain and Seismo prepare to mix, but a Nixel knocks the cubit out of Seismo's hand. He and Seismo then recovers it to defeat the Nixels and when they combine, they create a super ginormous ultimate lava slide!


Flain and Krader want to cross a river in order to reach the other Mixels' barbecue, but create a murp the first time. However, they do get across the 2nd time, but they accidentaly ruin the barbeque.


The Cragsters and Infernites mix and play Rockball, which turns into a game of Mixelball due to an idea by Flain and Krader.

Snow Half-Pipe

Flain joins Kraw, Flurr, Jawg, Slumbo, and Krader to go snowboarding at the Frozen Volcanoes. Flain and Krader make a murp, fall through the ice, and end up frozen.

Fang Gang Log Toss

He is seen with Slumbo relaxing in the Farmlands to piano music over the radio. They get rudely interrupted by Chomly and Jawg's game of Log Toss. After he and Slumbo burn their log as punishment, Chomly tricks them into doing a Murp and becomes their new "log."

Mixed Up Special

Flain, along with Krader, Teslo, Flurr, Gobba, and Kraw, goes on an adventure to Mixel Mountain to save the Mixfest by breaking the giant rainbow cubit. In the end, to defeat the Nixels, he mixes with Gobba.

Later, he was seen with Zaptor, Chomly, Lunk, and the Spikels tribe when they're invited to see the Wiztastics' magic show.


Other Infernites

Being his "brothers", Flain is mostly friendly toward the other Infernites. Flain and Vulk are friendly towards each other all the time. They show a good relationship. Flain, like most Mixels, is heavily annoyed by Zorch's pranks. One example is in Coconapple where the Zorch/Seismo mix was basically forced to ruin Flain's relaxation time because of Zorch being wild with the jetpack feet. However, they are basically just brothers, and are not like enemies.


Flain loves to hang out with all of the Cragsters, and respects them the most out of all the other tribes. He calls them "Cragster Compadre" as a nickname. He also loves to play Rockball and Mixelball like all of the Cragsters. Krader and Flain, being the leaders of their tribes, also find friendship. However, when they mix, it sometimes becomes a murp, which has been the base of Murp comedy in the series. Flain often gets annoyed at Krader, but they are still friendly. He particularly gets along very well with Seismo, and the two are considered best friends. They love to play games and go down lava slides together. They likely have the closest relationship out of all of the Mixels, besides relationships between two members of a tribe. Flain has not been seen interacting with Shuff, but they are likely still friends.


Flain has rarely interacted with the Electroids, but they seem to be on good terms. He and Teslo seem to be friends, as they mixed together and went on an adventure together in Epic Comedy Adventure. Flain and Volectro are neutral so far. He and Zaptor went on a picnic together (along with Lunk and Chomly) in Murp Romp, so they are likely friends.


Flain seems to like the Frosticons a lot, although fire and ice are supposed to be opposite elements. They can get along easily. He finds friendship in Flurr, as he and Slumbo invited him for snowboarding. They also went on an adventure together in Epic Comedy Adventure. He and Slumbo are very good friends, as Slumbo invited him to a snowboarding game and they like to relax in the Farmlands, listening to classical music. However, like Krader, despite their friendship, they often make an embarrassing murp. He is likely friends with Lunk, as they had a picnic together alongside Zaptor and Chomly in Murp Romp.

Fang Gang

Flain is on good terms with the Fang Gang, but highly dislikes Log Toss. Flain and Gobba are neutral so far. Flain and Jawg are friends, as they went snowboarding together, although he dislikes Log Toss. Flain and Chomly seem to be neutral. This is because they did have a picnic together (along with Lunk and Zaptor in Murp Romp, but he dislikes Chomly's games of Log Toss, and how he murped him with Slumbo to continue playing it.


Flain and the Flexers are neutral so far. He is known to be friends with Kraw, as they went snowboarding together and they also went on an adventure together in Epic Comedy Adventure.

Glorp Corp



Flain doesn't appear to be friendly with the Wiztastics, as he is bored with their shows.


The Orbitonz are not released on the TV Series yet.


The Glowkies are not released on the TV Series yet.

Set Information

Flain was released as one of the Mixels sets in the February 2014 product wave. His product number is 41500 and contains 58 pieces.

In-Booklet code

Flain's code in Calling All Mixels is HO7H8ADE2D, which is Hotheaded when decoded.











LEGO® Mixels - Mirror Video Flain

LEGO® Mixels - Mirror Video Flain

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