Film Murp
Classic murp.png
Appearances Every Knight Has Its Day
First Mixel Narrator
Second Mixel Electroid/Flexer Mixel
Ability Unknown

The Film Murp is a Murp that made its debut in Every Knight Has Its Day.

Physical Appearance

The film Murp has a rectangular blue body topped with a white dome. He has bits of an ice crystal sticking to various parts of his body, along with random Flexer tentacles. His jaw is yellow with three teeth pointing upwards. He has three eyes randomly on his body. A section of a blue jaw is on the side of his mouth, with buck teeth sticking downwards. The Narrator's legs are randomly on his body, with a mix of both Mixels' arms on the side of his head, along with the Electroid/Flexer hybrid's body.


Every Knight Has Its Day

This Murp was an example of a Murp in the film Mixing, So That's How It's Done!


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