February is the second month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar. It has 28 days, 29 on leap years.




  • Series 1 LEGO sets pop up in stores early.
  • Feb 1: Coconapple is aired in the Netherlands.
  • Feb 3: Coconapple is aired in Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary and Poland.
  • Feb 9: Cocoanpple is aired in MENA countries.
  • Feb 10: Coconapple is aired in Sweden. Hot Lava Shower is aired in Germany and Romania.
  • Feb 12: Coconapple, Cookironi, and Hot Lava Shower are aired in the United States and Canada. Coconapple is aired in France.
  • Feb 14: Hot Lava Shower is aired in South Korea.
  • Feb 15: Coconapple is aired in India, Italy, Spain, Japan, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Portugal.
  • Feb 17: Coconapple is aired in Australia, South East Asia, Romania and Turkey. Hot Lava Shower is aired in Hungary.
  • Feb 19: Electrorock is aired.
  • Feb 24: Coconapple is aired in Latin America.
  • Feb 26: Nixels is aired.



  • Feb 1: Series 7 LEGO sets are officially released.
  • Feb 13: The first day of the 2016 New York Toy Fair, with the first clear images of Series 8 and 9.
  • Feb 23: Mix Your Neighbor is released.
  • Feb 29: The synopsis for Every Knight Has Its Day is released.



  • Feb 8: Mixels is referenced in The LEGO Movie 2, a Cubit appears in the back of a live-action prop, while the character Chocolate Bar was made from concept art from a scrapped Mixels tribe.[1]


  • Through February: Mixels is reran in Australia as part of the Cartoon Network LEGO programming block.

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