Fang Gang Tribe Warning! This page is Fang Gang territory.

MIX! The page you are about to view has something to do with the Mixel tribe of the Fang Gang. The Fang Gang is the group with the biggest appetite, and they can get seriously crazy on an empty stomach.

Fang Gang
Series 2
Color Brown
Home Farmlands
Occupation Hungry Mixels, wood carvers
Leader  ?

The Fang Gang are farmers who grow crops to satisfy their large appetites, and live in the Farmlands. They are brown in color.

Description Description

The Fang Gang is the group with the biggest appetite, and they can get seriously crazy on an empty stomach.


Jawg - As the leader, he's got super sharp fangs to guard the crops.

Chomly - The lazy one who'll eat anything that isn't already nailed down.

Fang Gang

Gobba - The bite-loving one who makes the totems in their home and help to make the things around them.



Flain dislikes Chomly, but in Mixed Up, he was having a picnic with him, along with Lunk and Zaptor, which means he could be friends with him after all. The rest are neutral.


Neutral, so far.


Neutral, so far.


Slumbo dislikes Chomly. Also, Flurr seems to be good friends with Gobba and Jawg. They are neutral with Lunk.


Gobba and Kraw appear to be best friends, the rest is neutral.

Glorp Corp






  • Their leader is Jawg.
  • They can carve Totems with their teeth (this is mostly Gobba's job).
  • They all have at least four sharp teeth.
  • They can eat everything.
  •  They are one of three tribes not to have any cycloptic Mixels.
  • They are the first tribe to have a four-legged Mixel, being Jawg.
  • Gobba, and sometimes Chomly, are often mistaken as the leaders.
  • They invented Log Toss as a sport for Mixels Land.
  • Due to their ability to carve Totems and their homeland being a farm, they are somewhat based on the element of wood.







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