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The Fang Gang is a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They are food-loving farmers who grow crops to satisfy their large appetites, and live in the Farmlands. They are brown in color.


The Fang Gang is the group with the biggest appetite, and they can get seriously crazy on an empty stomach!



Image Name Description
JawgArtwork.png Jawg He's got super sharp fangs to guard the crops.
GobbaArtwork.png Gobba He's the bite-loving one who makes the totems in their home and helps to create the things around them.
ChomlyArtwork.png Chomly The lazy one who'll eat anything that isn't already nailed down.


Image Name Description
Vector Fang Gang Gummo by RC.png Barck A Background Fang Gang who shares a model with Gummo.


The following list contains the episodes in which all three members of this tribe are seen.


  • They are often considered to be based off of the element of wood. This is further supported in Calling All Mixels, where some of their abilities are based around wood.
  • They apparently have powerful bite forces, being able to easily bite a log in half.
  • They can eat everything, including non-food items.
  • They all have high-pitched voices.
  • They can carve totems with their teeth, which is mostly Gobba's job.
  • They were responsible for inventing Log Toss.
  • They grow crops to keep themselves satisfied.
  • Whenever they're excited, their heads will move around quickly in random locations near their bodies.
    • This makes them almost as fast as Zorch when they do so.
  • Barck has lighter shades of brown than the core three.


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