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*[[Busto]] (debut)
*[[Busto]] (debut)
*[[Tiketz]] (debut)
*[[Tiketz]] (debut)
*[[Camillot]] (debut, main)
*[[Camillot]] (debut)
*[[Mixadel]] (debut)
*[[Mixadel]] (debut)
*[[Paladum]] (debut)
*[[Paladum]] (debut)

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It's kids in a Mixel classroom. So we create the principal and the teachers and the kind of things, the business that would go on that we hope is kid-relatable.
— Skip Jones, The Wonderful World of Mixels
Every Knight Has Its Day
Mixopolis in Chapter 5

Welcome to Mixopolis!
Season 3
Episode Number 24
Production Code 700
Original Airdate Early 2016
Characters See Characters
Episode Guide
A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig

The untitled Series 7 special is the first episode in the third season of Mixels, and the twenty-fourth episode overall. It is also the fourth half-hour special. It will air sometime in early 2016.



An impromptu jam session from the Mixels attracts the attention of a new tribe: the Sproingers.[sic][1]

Important note: It has been stated down below in the article that the tribe name "the Sproingers" was erroneously added. This means it is not an official tribe name, as far as we know, and is not a Series 9 name. Please remember this.


Major Characters

Minor Characters

Production Information

  • The special's synopsis was accidentally added sometime in November 2015 under Mixed Up Special's listing on Zap2it. A slightly longer version with the erroneously-added tribe name of the "Sproingers" was added under the same episode's listing on LocateTV in Portuguese in the same month.
  • The episode's title might be One of the Stars.[2]


  • The MCPD, Medivals and Mixies will appear, introducing the Series 7 characters into the show.
  • A possible storyboard from this episode was shown in The Wonderful World of Mixels. The shown segments heavily feature the Medivals.
  • The episode mostly takes place at a school, and involves giant monster chases.
  • Camillot appears to be the main character, and is going to school to learn to "Mix with the common Mixels."


This episode is likely set to air in early 2016, presumably around February or March of that year with the release of Series 7 of the LEGO sets.



Mixopolis in Chapter 5
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