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It's Major Nixel! And the Mixel Festival Cubits are destroyed!

The Biggest and Most Epic Mixels Minisode Ever, copyrighted and publicized as Epic Comedy Adventure, is the first part of the twenty-first episode in the first season of Mixels. It first aired on August 31, 2014.



When General Nix tries to stop the annual Mixfest, it’s up to Flain and friends to bring back mixing! [sic][2]


General Nix attacks the annual Mix Festival with his Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer.[3]

Episode Summary


The annual Mix Festival is here; a day to celebrate the power of the Cubits. However, due to a certain Hamlogna Sandwich-loving Electroid, all of the Hamlogna Sandwiches are eaten, leaving the other Electroids angry with him. Due to this, Teslo asks all of the leaders of their respective tribes to come with him to get more.


At the same time, Major Nixel appears in a metal cloud floating above and lets loose his devastating new weapon — the Mega Nixel Mixel Nixer — onto the festival, making every other Mixel at the party become a zombie-like Nixel. With all of their Cubits destroyed, it's up to the leaders, who come back to witness the chaos, to save their friends and Mixel Land. Gobba has a Cubit, but Flain says to save it for another time. Krader says that the only way to find more is to go to Mixel Mountain for the Rainbow Cubits. So, they all head there. Gobba ends up using and wasting his Cubit with Kraw, but everyone finally reaches the top of the mountain and hit the giant Rainbow Cubit, letting tons more loose.


Meanwhile, Major Nixel is baking cupcakes. However, the tribe leaders come back Mixed, and defeat him, saving the festival and their friends in the process. Major Nixel then runs off in embarrassment, vowing revenge. The Mixels put the Cubits in place and restart the festival. The leaders of the Series 3 tribes finally show up as the festival continues.


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Major Characters

Minor Characters



Production Information

  • This episode has multiple titles:
    • Epic Comedy Adventure: Official title.
    • The Biggest and Most Epic Mixels Minisode Ever: Title card and Cartoon Network website.
    • Hilarious Epic Comedy Minisode: LEGO YouTube.

Broadcast Information


  • This is the most-viewed episode of the TV series on YouTube, with approximately 12 million views as of March 22nd, 2021.
  • This episode originally contained the most character appearances to date, with all nine original tribes (with one Mixel each from Series 3's) and Major Nixel and his Nixels. This was before it was beaten by A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig. It still has the most appearances of any episode in season one.
  • This is the first episode where Rainbow Cubits are seen. It is revealed that the Rainbow Cubits' basically have the same power of any other Cubit, but can Mix any two Mixels no matter what the tribes. The Mixes created by the Rainbow Cubits are between Series 1 and Series 2 tribes that do not have Cubits that have made physical appearances in the show.
  • This episode marks the first time tribal leadership is mentioned in the show.
  • For one reason or another, the Electroids do not shock themselves in this episode.
  • This is the first time Kraw speaks without being part of a Mix or talking in unison with another Mixel.
  • This is the first time Major Nixel is referred to by his name in the television series.
  • Krader's vision of what Mixel Mountain looks like uses colored outlines, in contrast to the standard black ones.
  • Teslo's fear of heights, first mentioned in his website biography, is shown in the series for the first time.
  • Vulk being the DJ at the festival may be a reference to his appearance with headphones, a Rainbow Cubit, and the Cartoon Network Studios' logo at the end of airings of the shorts in several countries, and at the end of this episode after the credits.
  • Footage from this episode was used in The Wonderful World of Mixels.

Relation to Calling All Mixels

Epic Comedy Adventure may be loosely based off of Calling All Mixels.

  • Plot points - The Nixels take over a group of Mixels during a Mixfest, leaving behind a small group of Mixels to rescue them.
  • Objects - Some items from Calling All Mixels, such as the Nixel Cupcakes and the giant Rainbow Cubits, appear.
  • Reused animation from the cutscenes
  • Other similarities include the appearance of Rainbow Cubits and the Cloud Ship.

This might make Epic Comedy Adventure the "episode adaption" of the app.


This episode aired on August 31, 2014 directly following the Cartoon Network premiere of Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker. It is unknown how many viewers this episode garnered.



  • When Major Nixel looks out of his periscope, it is from a top view, but Vulk's DJ booth is incorrectly angled from a front view.
  • When the view is through the periscope lens, Balk flashes out of screen and blinks back a bit further from the DJ booth.
  • When Zaptor is eating hamlogna sandwiches, there are two plates. When the Mixels get their color back, there is only one plate on the table.
    • One of the plates also disappears when Teslo stands on the table.
  • When Volectro is standing on the picnic table and waving his arms around, one of his electric fingernails is missing.
  • When the Mixels are mad at Zaptor, the black coloring under Kraw's mouth is gone.
  • When Krader glares at Zaptor, the gold triangular part on his back is placed in the center of his face like a nose.
  • Flurr's smile briefly blinks out and reappears for a few frames of his frown.
  • When Teslo asks for the leaders of the tribes to come with him, Gobba goes. However, in his LEGO Mixels website bio, Jawg is referred to as the leader of the Fang Gang. This could imply that Cartoon Network made an incorrect statement about Gobba being the leader.
  • In the scene where the leaders leave to get hamlogna sandwiches, Flain's fire isn't moving.
  • When the gang set off to get hamlogna sandwiches, Lunk's spikes from his neck disappear.
  • When Vulk is saying bye to the leaders, the red triangles on his hands disappear.
  • When the grey mist is covering the Mixels, Vulk is still at the DJ booth and is already zombified, but he still looks happy.
  • When the Mixels are being zombified, Jawg and Volectro act zombified before the grey mist reaches them.
  • In the scene where the zombified Mixels are standing around while the Nixels party, Shuff is shown very small, only about as tall as Jawg.
  • When Major Nixel starts thanking the Nixels, the Nixel crowd on the right of Major Nixel has one Nixel's foot clip through another's head.
  • When the leaders (except Jawg) and Gobba go back with the hamlogna sandwiches and see the nixified Mix Festival, Kraw's teeth are not in the right place.
  • When the leaders (except Jawg) and Gobba run to attack Major Nixel, Kraw's black part under his mouth is gone.
  • When Teslo is charging towards Major Nixel after the other Mixels are zombified, he is missing the dark yellow triangle on his jaw.
  • When the leaders were running from the Nixels before they hid in the cave, Krader's big arm was on the wrong side. The same error occurred in Bar B Cubes and Elevator.
  • When Flurr is looking out of the cave mouth, his mouth is closed, yet his bucked teeth are sticking out of it.
  • When the leaders reach the top of Mixel Mountain, Kraw is missing his legs and Flain´s middle rectangle on his head has a thinner outer line.
  • The same thing happens to Flain on the scene where they stand in front of the Giant Cubit.
  • When the leaders (except Jawg, Gobba takes his place) run and glance at the Rainbow Cubit, Flurr's wings stop moving and freezes in the midair.
  • When the big Rainbow Cubit explodes and the Nixels fly everywhere, two Nixels are very large compared to the others.
  • Before the nixed Mixels get turned back into regular Mixels, Shuff is missing a tooth. It blinks back into his mouth when he regains his color.
  • After Major Nixel trips, his badge is on the left side of his chest, instead of on the right.
  • Even though Kraw spoke, he is not listed in the end credits as one of the cast.
  • Flurr's name is misspelled as "Flur" in the credits.
  • Every time the festival is shown far away, the terrain changes every shot.

Memorable Quotes

Volectro: This year's festival is crazy!
Teslo: Yeah, let's eat some... (Noticed that the sandwiches are gone.)
Volectro and Teslo: Hey! Where’d all the hamlogna sandwiches go?
Zaptor: I don’t know… (Shifts eyes)
Volectro and Teslo: Hm…
Teslo: (Jumps up) EVERY MIXEL
Volectro: (Jumps up) …LISTEN UP! It seems that Zaptor here has eaten all the hamlogna sandwiches AND RUINED THE MIXEL FESTIVAL!
[Cut to the remaining Mixels, who stare at them in shock. Shuff pops up.]
Shuff: Ooh, harsh!
Lunk: Duh-huh-huh-huh…duh… (color is zapped, his stare grows blank) duh…duh…duh…
Major Nixel: (Laughs evilly) I have nixed the Mixel Festival! Thank you to some annoying and forgettable Nixels. This land is "OUR" land!
Gobba: Can we use the Cubit now?
Kraw: Not yet, Gobba.
[Cut to them balancing on the edge of a ledge, all but Flurr looking terrified.]
Gobba: Should we use the Cubit now?
Krader: No, no, Gobba!
[Cut to the top of the mountain. The six pop up and start speaking in awe. They run up to the Rainbow Cubit. Millions of Nixels start jumping up from behind.
Flain: All right, man, now’s a good time for the Cubit!
Gobba: The Cubit? Ha-hahah-hah! I used it a long time ago.
Major Nixel: Doot doot doo…perfect cupcakes!
[The three Mixes run up to the table.]
Flain & Gobba Mix: (in Gobba’s voice) Mmm, cupcakes! (eats one) But to be honest, something’s missing!
Major Nixel: What could be missing from my perfect cupcakes?!
Flain & Gobba Mix: YOUR FACE! (slams the table into Major Nixel. It slides down, his face is now covered in frosting and licorice bits.)


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