[Episode begins with Lunk reading out the tag on Balk's present].

Lunk: To Balk: Stay cool on your birthday! From Lunk. Heheheheh...

[Chomly runs past.]

Chomly: Hurry up Lunk, Balk's party's on the top floor!

Lunk: Coooooommmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnng...

[Volectro runs past.]

Volectro: Hey, Lunk!

[Vulk runs past.]

Vulk: 'Scuse me, Lunk!

[All other Mixels except Balk, Flain, Zorch, and Tentro run past.]

Teslo, Kraw, Krader and Shuff: PARTY!

[Mixels wait impatiently in the lift cheering for Lunk and Zorch runs past.]

Zorch: Haha! Too slow, Lunky-dunk!

[Lift closes and Lunk's ice present starts melting.]

Lunk: Ouuuughhhh! Now I'll never make it in time...

[Tentro appears out of nowhere from behind holding a Cubit.]

Tentro: We'll get there in ti-i-i-i-i-i-ime!

Lunk: Miix!

[Lunk grabs onto the Cubit. It hits the ground and shoots out fireworks that forms the words "Go Time". The Lunk & Tentro Mix, still holding the melting present, attaches his feet to the walls, and then launches upwards. Cut to the party, the other Mixels are surrounding a table, where Balk is sitting near a cake with candles in it.]

Vulk, Zorch, Teslo, Volectro, Chomly, Gobba, Krader and Seismo: ♪ Happy birthday to Balk! ♪

[Balk is about to blow out his candles on his birthday cake but the Lunk & Tentro Mix crashes through it, splattering pieces.]

Lunk & Tentro Mix: (In Lunk's voice) ♪ Happy birthday to... ♪

[He hands Balk a wet ribbon, Balk grows disappointed.]

Balk: ♪ ...Meeeeeeeeeeeee. ♪

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