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To Balk: Stay cool on your birthday! From Lunk. Heheheheh...
— Lunk
Elevator shot

The best way to celebrate a birthday.
Season 1
Episode Number 20
Production Code 501-296-03C[1]
Original Airdate June 26, 2014
Characters All Mixels from Series 1-2
(except Flain)
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High Five
Epic Comedy Adventure
(Mixed Up Special)

Elevator is the twentieth episode in the first season of Mixels. It first aired on June 26, 2014.


Lunk has seconds to get to a birthday party and he needs to mix to make it in time![1]

Episode Summary

Lunk starts moving slowly to the elevator to go to Balk's birthday once Chomly goes in there, but a lot of Mixels go in the elevator before him. Zorch then runs in, taking the only spot left and leaving Lunk behind. The elevator closes, but Tentro comes and Mixes with him so he can reach the party. They ruin the party by crashing into the cake while everyone sings.


It's go time!


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This episode aired on June 26, 2014 directly following the Teen Titans Go! episode, "Pirates" and received a total of 2.175 million viewers. For all we know, this is currently the most viewed Mixels episode.


  • This is the third time Zorch pranks someone or makes fun of someone's misfortune, which only involved the Cragsters before this. ("Coconapple", "Mailman")
  • This is the second time the Mixels have a party, and two are late and need to Mix to get there. ("Murp")
  • This is the second time Lunk and Tentro Mix. ("Hamlogna Conveyer Belt Madness")
  • This is the third appearance of a Frosticon/Flexer Cubit.
  • This is the second time the fourth wall is broken. ("Rockball")


  • Chomly's voice is deep and low.
  • Similarly, when most of the Mixels are running to the elevator and yelling "PARTY!", some, (like Flurr) don't move their mouths. Also, Krader's big arm is on the wrong side of his body (which also happened in Hot Lava Shower, Bar B Cubes, Snow Half Pipe, Epic Comedy Adventure, and A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig).
  • When you see the far view of the elevator, Shuff and Jawg are right next to each other. When you get a close up view, Chomly appears next to Shuff instead.
  • Jawg is very large compared to his original size in other episodes, even to almost surpass the size of Seismo. Slumbo is very large as well, as he even surpasses the size of Zaptor.
  • When Tentro talks, only his lower jaw is moving. The inside of his mouth is never shown.
  • In one shot, Shuff, Jawg, and Kraw disappear for a split second.
  • While at the party, Chomly's gold tooth is on the wrong side of his mouth.
  • At the party, Teslo seems to be floating in the air or standing on top of Krader and Zorch's heads.
  • When the Mix crashes through the cake, between Krader and Slumbo, there is no one. But when he gives the ribbon to Balk, Shuff appears between Krader and Slumbo.
  • In the last shot of Zorch, Teslo's electric prongs are clipping through his eye.
  • Until the closeup of Balk, Vulk appears to be standing on the table.


  • Happy Birthday to You - An altered version of the classic song is heard. This is because the instrumental to the song was not in the public domain during the production and original airing of the episode.

​Memorable Quotes

We'll get there in ti-i-i-i-i-ime!




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