[Episode starts in Mine.]

Krader: Seismo, Shuff, me greatest dig-dig!

Seismo: Me greatest dig-dig.

Shuff: Me greatest.

Krader: Contest! (The Cragsters dig through the earth. Seismo and Shuff loop back to the Mine's surface and Krader loops back south, blocked by Seismo and Shuff's tunnels.)

Seismo and Shuff: (Jumping up.) Winner! (Looks around the kingdom.)

Shuff: Where Krader?

[Cut to Mountain City, Krader burrows through the ground.]

Krader: Winner! (Looks around and realizes he's not in the right place.) W-where be me? (The Electroids' hands grab him and he screams as he is pulled toward screen. The screen goes dark for a moment.)

Seismo and Shuff: (Popping out of the hole Krader made.) Krader? 

[A flash of blue light is shown. Cut to sorce of light: an Electric Tree. Krader is tied against it and The Electroids are surrounding it. The Electroids are laughing. Teslo touches his tail to Krader, shocking him.]

Krader: (yelling in agony) YOWOWOWOWOW!

Seismo and Shuff: STOP!

Seismo: You no sacrifice Krader!

Teslo: Nah nah. We Electroids aren't---(shocks himself)---sacrificing anyone!

Volectro: Yeah! We're just preparing for the Electroid annual dance (shocks himself) PART-AY!!! (laughs)

Zaptor: Electro(shocks himself)ids ---!

Krader:  Me agree to fun ritual!

Shuff: Then, we make Electrock dance party! 

[Cut to rock formation. The Electroids and the Cragsters dance]

Krader: Big, big fun!

Teslo: (Pulling out Electroid Cubit) How's (shocks himself) about we mixed it up a notch?

Krader: Yeah! Yeah! Cubit! (Pulls out Cragster Cubit. The two tribes touch their respective Cubits. They each end up in nests, where a giant chicken sits on them, crows, and they Max. They start to dance, the Electroid Max shocking himself.)

Cragsters Max: Whoa! You dance moves electrify!

Electroids Max: Thank you!

Cragsters Max: But me greatest dance-dance!

[Both Maxes glare at each other.]


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