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Electroid and Cragster Maxes
Electron Dance Party

The ultimate dance-off.
Season 1
Episode Number 4
Production Code 501-296-01D[1]
Original Airdate February 19, 2014[2]
Characters Electroids
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Hot Lava Shower

Electrock, titled by Cartoon Network as Electrorock, is the fourth episode in the first season of Mixels. It first aired on February 19, 2014.


During a Cragster digging competition, Krader makes a shocking discovery: The Electroid Kingdom.[1]

Episode Summary

Krader, Seismo and Shuff argue about who's the greatest "Dig-Dig", so Krader decides that they have a contest. Then the Cragsters burrow into the ground, and then Seismo and Shuff dig back up to their land, while Krader ends up getting lost. Seismo and Shuff celebrate, until they wonder where Krader is.

Cragsters Electrorock

"Seismo, Shuff, me greatest dig-dig!"

The episode cuts to Krader digging his way into the Mountain City, and then he wonders where he is, until the Electroids take Krader and strap him onto a white pole. The other Cragsters appear and find Krader, as he is seen being electrocuted by the Electroids. Seismo gets angry at the Electroids since he believes that they are sacrificing Krader, until the Electroids prove him wrong.


The Electroids tell the other two Cragsters that they're preparing for the annual Electroid dance party. The Cragsters join the Electroids' dance party, and then the two leaders Max with the others. A Cubit transformation scene occurs involving the Electroids and Cragsters in their own nest as chickens land onto both nests, and then the two tribes max. The Electroids Max & Cragsters Max dance with each other, as the Cragsters Max compliments the Electroids Max. The two look at each other suspiciously, and decide to have a contest as the episode ends.


"You dance moves electrify!"


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Major Characters


Memorable Quotes

Seismo, Shuff
Whoa! You dance moves electrify!
Cragsters Max


  • The title is a portmanteau of the words "electric" and "rock".
  • In some descriptions, the episode is called Electrock.
    • The UK dub of the episode featured Electrock as its title.
    • A preliminary title for the episode appears to be Electroshock.[3]
  • This episode, Another Nixel, and Murp are the only Series 1 shorts to be uploaded to Cartoon Network's YouTube channel with the regular logo as opposed to the preliminary logo.
  • This is the first time none of the Infernites are present.
    • This marks the first absence of Flain as well.
  • In Arabic, the episode title translates roughly to "Discover the Kingdom".
  • Footage from this episode was used in The Wonderful World of Mixels.


This episode aired on February 19, 2014 directly following the Teen Titans Go! episode, "Opposites" and recieved a total of 1.871 million viewers.


  • This is the third appearance of a Max.
  • This is the second appearance of all the Electroids and all the Cragsters together.


The screwups

Nest error.

Mixels animation error

Shuff's animation error

  • In the beginning when Shuff frowns, his upper lip still remains stuck in the smile position.
  • When the Cragsters are above the ground, about to dig when the background is in video game mode, the houses have no gold on them and they appear as bare rocks.
  • During the time while Volectro is speaking to the Cragsters explaining that they were preparing for the annual Electroids dance party, Zaptor's pupil can be seen through his eyes closed as he blinks.
  • While they dance, Seismo's feet are changing color, which could possibly be just shadow/shading.
  • When Krader is holding the Cragster cubit, his smaller hand has an extra finger.
  • When the Electroids and the Cragsters land in the nests, Seismo's hand goes through Krader's mouth and his other foot cuts through Krader's big arm.
    • Shuff has no arms and his feet are switched.
    • Zaptor's jaw is disconnected from his face, he has one arm, and his leg looks disconnected and shorter than his other leg.
    • Volectro's arms are disconnected from his body.
    • Teslo's feet are extended to the point where his legs are not visible and is missing the grey bands on his arms.
    • One of Seismo's feet is missing.
  • When Shuff cheers after burrowing up, the bottom line of his upper lip is slightly extended past the coloration.


  • Pac-Man - While the Cragsters are having their digging contest, the sound Pac-Man makes while eating pellets is played.



Electrorock Title
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