Series 1
Color Yellow
Home Mountain City
Occupation Electricity Mixels
Leader Teslo

The Electroids are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They love to tinker and experiment, and live high up in the mountains in order to be closer to the lightning storms. They are yellow in color with light blue details.


Image Name Description
TesloArtwork Teslo Daring, ingenious, and the leader of the Electroids, he can use his electricity charged tail to scale any surface.
ZaptorArtwork Zaptor A highly charged adrenaline junkie, his body is like a lightning rod, storing up blasts of energy.
VolectroArtwork Volectro He is a scatter brained jokester whose body constantly emits static energy.


Image Name Description
Wott vector by zootycutie Wott A background Electroid.
Hurtz vector Hurtz A background Electroid.
Unknown haired electroid vector Voltz A background Electroid.
BG Electroid Frazzled Mixel A background Electroid.
Vector BG Electroid by RC Minur A Background Electroid.
Vector BG Electroid 2 by RC Boltish A Background Electroid.
Pyrope like electroid Boltron A background Electroid who shares a model with Pyrope.


The following list contains the episodes in which all three main members of this tribe are seen, excluding Background Mixels.


  • They are based upon the element of electricity.
  • Their tribe name is based on the words "electric" and "droid".
  • They will usually buzz and shock themselves when they say words with an "s" or "z" sound.
  • The blue-tipped parts of their bodies can light up in the dark like flashlights.
    • So far, this ability has only been shown in Changing a Light Bulb.
  • They host an annual dance party, as seen in Electrorock.
  • They are directly connected to the Lightbulb Sun and have the ability to turn it on and off with their electricity.
  • All the main three members have at least one fear; for Teslo, it's heights, while Volectro and Zaptor are afraid of the dark.
  • As shown in A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig, they have bad reactions to water, due to being electric-based.
  • In the prototype designs for all three Electroids, the currently-orange parts are yellow instead.
  • The background Electroids seem to be a lighter shade of yellow. Also, their blue elements are more of a purple hue.
  • The Electroids are the first Tribe where each members Lego form use a different eye piece.


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