Electroid Classroom
B01BS02 222 IntElectroidClassroomEFX Color
Inhabitants Teslo
Visitors Volectro
Features Chalkboard
Plasma balls
Overhanging light bulb

The Electroid Classroom is located in the Mountain City where Teslo teaches his lessons to Volectro and Zaptor.



The Electroid Classroom is pretty much the interior of an electric house. There is a light bulb in the center of the ceiling, used for their light supply. On both sides of the classroom are two white rods pointing upwards emitting a dome of plasma, with yellow tubes underneath the rods. At the backside of the classroom is a desk where Teslo usually resides to teach the other Electroids, with a chalkboard behind the desk. There is a white floor with two stools for Volectro and Zaptor.


"Today, we learn how many Electroids it will take to change a light bulb."


  • This is where Volectro and Zaptor are educated by Teslo. This may be because Teslo is the smartest of the Electroids, while Volectro and Zaptor may not be very bright.
  • This classroom appears to be in the same building as Teslo's house.


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