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Cubits are ores that give Mixels the power to Mix, Max, and Murp and are a central object in the Mixels franchise.

They are one of the natural resources in Mixel Land; however, their supply is limited. The Nixels' mission is to destroy all of the Cubits (thus preventing Mixels from doing said actions).


When Mixels want to mix, one will pull out a Cubit. All of the Mixels mixing then put their hands on the Cubit, and shout "MIX!" After a humorous scene (cannons shooting, giant fists etc.), the transformation is complete; having one Mixel in control, while the other gives the Mixel in control new abilities to defeat Nixels and solve problems.


Cubits are square-shaped solid objects. They are divided into six small triangular shapes that fill the base of it.


The colors of the squares differ depending on which tribes are mixing. For example, a tribe Max Cubit is all one color, with two different shades of it. If two Mixels of different tribes mix, 3/6 of the Cubit would be gray and 3/6 would be purple; if a Cragster and Wiztastic Mixel were to mix, for example.

However, an exception to this rule are Rainbow Cubits. They come in the six colors of a standard rainbow and allow any Mixels to combine, regardless of their tribe.

Transformation Sequences






In Epic Comedy Adventure, it was shown that if Cubits lose their color, they will shatter into pieces. This shows that the source of a Cubit's power may be its color.

Color also factors into other things that could affect mixing:


As seen in Fang Gang Log Toss and Murp Romp, Mixels don't even have to have a desire to mix to do so. As such, only one slight touch of a Cubit is needed to perform the transformation. This appears to almost always result in a Murp.


  • In Calling All Mixels, they have the added ability to mix objects together to create various tools in the game. Cubits are used as currency in the game, consisting of Cubit Defense Towers and their upgrades, Cubit Collector upgrades & repairs, and special abilities. They can also be used for instantly giving Mixels a more higher rank.  
  • As seen in the Electroids Max minigame on, when two different colored Cubits collide, they cause an electrical explosion.

Set Information

Series 6 (confirmed)
Item Number 41549
Packaging Green bag
No. of Pieces 1
Price US Flag $4.99

CA Flag $5.99
EU Flag €3.99
UK Flag £2.99
DK Flag 29.95 kr

In-Booklet Code None

For a while, no Cubits were included in LEGO Mixels sets. However, in some stop motion videos on LEGO's YouTube channel, a Cubit was made out of a 2x2 plate and four 1x1 flat tiles. Eventually, Series 6 in 2015 introduced a flat 2x2 tile that was designed with a print to look like a Rainbow Cubit. So far, they only come with Gurggle.


  • They are shown as an ore in Calling All Mixels which, like any other ore, must be dug up.
  • Major Nixel often sends out Nixels to steal Cubits from the Mixels, but each attempt is disastrous. These attempts were shown in Another Nixel and Nixel "Mix Over".
  • They have appeared in every episode so far.
  • There are two variants of the Electroid Cubit: one being yellow and a purple-ish blue, the second being yellow and a darker shade of yellow. The yellow/blue Cubit is the more common variant, and the only variant seen in the show. The LEGO stopmotion version instead opts for a yellow and orange one, which was only used once. There are also two variants of the Cragster Cubit: one is gray and dark gray, and the other is gray and black. The grey/black is the more common variant, and the only variant seen in the show.
  • The Footi/Torts mix cutscene is the first cutscene to change the look of the usual mix caption, as it is in 8-bit.
  • A cubit is also an ancient unit of length based on the length of the forearm from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger.
  • The Electroids minigame on the Cartoon Network Mixels Website contains two Cubits from unknown tribes: a white one and a violet one.
  • In LEGO stopmotion form, the Wiztastic Cubit is shown as blue and purple, rather than two shades of purple.
  • Orbitopia has a special glass case that stored an emergency Orbiton/Infernite Cubit. This may mean that other tribes store emergency Cubits (which is probably where each tribe's supply is from).


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