Cubit Ball
Rainbow cubit ball


Blue Cubit Ball

Red Cubit Ball

Appearances Mixels Main Title
Every Knight Has Its Day
Type Ore
That’s your cubit ball. There are many like it, but that one’s yours.

Cubit Balls are ball-like ores that give the user an ability to "murpify" a single Mixel. It can also be used to de-mix a mix. They are an equivalent to regular cubits.


Cubit Balls look exactly like regular cubits, except they take up the form of a sphere.


The main variation it takes up is the standard rainbow type, which appears in the Every Knight Has Its Day title sequence.

However, in the episode itself, it is revealed there are two other variations of cubit balls: blue team and red team. They were used in a game of Murpball in gym class at Mixopolis Middle School. To use it right, the color of the corresponding team must use their cubit balls and throw it at the opposing team.


Every Knight Has Its Day

In a game of Murpball in gym, the Referee organized a blue team and a red team. Both teams were given blue and red cubit balls that gave each team a corresponding color tint.


  • They can also be used to mix, as it was used to create the Boldurr & Fridjerk Mix, but it only appears to work with members of the same team.
  • It is unknown what would happen if a team member is hit with their own corresponding team color cubit ball.


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