Crater Tots
Kraydah Tawdz



Appearances Mixel Moon Madness
Type Food
They're the kind of grub that puts the man in spaceman!

Crater Tots are a type of food on the Mixel Moon. They are popular with the Orbitons. When eaten, they make Mixels breathe fire, with Rokit Sauce increasing the spiciness.



Crater tots look similar to real life tater tots, having a tan color and a crunchy-like texture.


Mixel Moon Madness

While the Orbitons were showing the Infernite cousins their home, Nurp interrupted Naut's explanation of the dome by demanding crater tots. Later, during the welcoming party for the Infernites stumbling upon the Mixel Moon, Rokit displayed crater tots to Meltus and Burnard, claiming the crater tots are "man food". Nixels soon stole the food and ran off with it. Nurp mixed with Meltus to get it back. Afterwards, Rokit coated Rokit Sauce on the crater tots, asking for any offers to his friends, only to eat the entire plate and cause his head to explode.


  • They are based on tater tots.
  • They are often eaten with Rokit Sauce, which only Rokit seems to enjoy despite it blowing his head off.
  • It is considered "man food", according to Rokit.
  • Strangely, they are cooked on the grill instead of an oven.
  • Nurp loves them, to the point he throws destructive temper tantrums when he is unable to have them when he wants them.


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