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Let me load you up, my Cragster compadre. We've got plenty...(Realizes there are no Cookironies left) AHHHHHH! That's our last cookironi!
— Flain
Season 1
Episode Number 2
Production Code ?
Original Airdate ?
Characters Everyone from Series 1
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Hot Lava Shower

Cookironi is the second episode in season one of Mixels.


Official Description

The Mixels have very very many and infinite plenty cookironies... until they don't! What's it take to get ahold of the last tasty snack? MAXES TO THE MAX!


Everyone is enjoying special cookies called cookironies (a combination of a cookie and macaroni/pasta). Flain gives the last cookironi to Krader, but then freaks out, as that was the last cookironi. Afterwards, Krader retreats underground to eat his snack, but Zorch snags it, causing Krader to break his teeth. Zorch is headbutted away by Shuff, who is then punched away by Vulk, who is THEN zapped into a rock by Zaptor. The Cragsters then combine into their Max form and begin chasing Zaptor. However, Teslo and Volectro catch up with them and the Electroids mix into their Max form. The Infernite Max then shows up, and the rumble begins. Eventually, every Max de-mixes, and then a dizzy Zorch accidentaly sits on the last cookironi, depressing everyone. They then see a Nixel with a new box of Cookironis, and give chase.


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  • This episode is the second to be named after one of the Mixels' foods.
  • Vulk is electrocuted by Zaptor, despite the two being shown to be best friends in Pothole.
  • This the first appearance of the Electroids, a Nixel and all Maxes from Series 1.
  • Even though every Mixel was in Cookironi, Seismo and Teslo are the only Mixels who didn't say anything in the episode (not mentioning the ending.)

Memorable Quotes

I love cookironis! (Om nom)
— Volectro
The last cookironi... (breaks teeth)
— Krader
Mmmm... So good. Me want another.
— Krader
Let me load you up, my Cragster compadre. We've got plenty. (realizes that was the last Cookironi) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! That's our last cookironi!
— Flain
Ooh, Cookironi!
— Infernite Max
— Everyone


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