[The Mixels are sitting on a rock formation, eating Cookironis.]

Zorch: These cookironis are crazy awesome! (Eats his.)

Volectro: I love cookironis! (Eats his.)

Krader: Oh, so good! Me want another.

Flain: Let me load you up, my Cragster compadre. We've got plenty... (Dumps one into his hand from the box, then realizes it's the last Cookironi) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's our last cookironi!

[All the Mixels’ eyes grow wide as they gulp and stare at Krader. He quickly burrows down into a cave, and lands on a rock.]

Krader: The last cookironi... (Opens wide to eat it, Zorch zooms in and snatches it, Krader bites down and his teeth shatter.)

Zorch: Cookironi! (Spins it on his finger and prepares to eat it, Shuff suddenly burrows from above him and knocks him into the sky. He catches the Cookironi while Zorch falls in the background, screaming.)

Shuff: Cooki...

Vulk: (Punches Shuff away.) ...Roni! (He hears a charging sound and looks back. Zaptor fires a bolt of electricity from his lightning rod, electrocuting Vulk and making him crash into a rock. The Cookironi lands on the ground, and he picks it up.)

Zaptor: Cooki... zzz ...roni!

[The Cragsters dig up from the ground and touch their Cubit, turn into bowling pins until bowling ball rolls them over, and Max.]

Cragster Max: COOKIRONI!

Zaptor: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[He runs off, and the Cragster Max turns into a boulder, rolling behind him. He looks to his side, Teslo and Volectro are running near him, Teslo holding a Cubit. The two of them tackle Zaptor out of the way as the Cragster Max makes a leap in the direction where Zaptor was. In a flash of light, the Electroid Max is formed, and shocks himself. From offscreen, a blast of fire comes out, and the Infernite Max is formed. He breathes more fire, then looks down, his eyes shining bright.]

Infernite Max: Ooh! Cookironi!

[All three Maxes run towards the Cookironi and tackle it. A cloud of dust forms, with electricity, rock fragments, and fire blasting through it. Eventually, it clears. Everyone is demaxed, and all but Zorch are lying on the ground. Zorch stumbles in.]

Zorch: (Dizzily.) That was great, guys. So much fun... (Lands on Cookironi, breaking it.)

[Everyone gasps as Zorch stands up. Cookironi crumbs are now where the Cookironi was. They all grow sad.]

Zorch: (Sadly.) Cookironi...

[They suddenly hear a crunching noise and look around. A Nixel is sitting on a rock, eating a box of Cookironis. He grows shocked when he notices the Mixels. Cut to over a hill, he’s running away, clutching the box.]

Mixels: (Jumping up over the hill.) COOKIRONI!!!

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