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  • [The Mixels are eating Cookironis]
  • Zorch: These cookironis are crazy awesome! [eats it]
  • Volectro: I love cookironis! (om nom nom nom!)
  • Krader: Oh, so good! Me want another.
  • Flain: Let me load you up, my Cragster compadre. We've got plenty... [realizes it's the last Cookironi,] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S OUR LAST COOKIRONI!!!
  • Krader: [rushes down into a cave sitting on a rock] The last cookironi. [Zorch zooms to take the Cookironi and Krader's teeth fall out]
  • Zorch: Cookiro-YEAH! [Shuff comes from underground and Knocks Zorch into the sky]
  • Zorch: [screams falls and fails]
  • Shuff: Cooki...
  • Vulk: [knocks Shuff] Roni! [Zaptor zaps Vulk and crashes into a rock]
  • Zaptor: Cooki... [zaps] ...roni! [The Cragsters dig up from the ground and touch their cubit and maxed]
  • Cragsters Max: COOKIRONI!
  • Zaptor: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • [The Electroids Max zaps and The Infernites Max breathes out fire] 
  • ''Infernites Max:' Oh Cookironi! [The Mixels fight for the Cookironi and a massive puff of smoke arises]'
  • Dizzy Zorch: That was great, guys. So much fun... [sits on the Cookironi, breaking it]
  • [Everybody gasps and falls into sadness]
  • Sad Zorch: Cookironi...
  • [A Nixel is eating Cookironis]
  • Everybody: Cookironi!
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