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Let me load you up, my Cragster compadre. We've got plenty... AHHHHHH! That's our last cookironi!

Cookironi is the third episode in the first season of Mixels. It first aired on February 12, 2014.



Nine first wave Mixels fight over a single cookironi.[2]


The Mixels have very very many and infinite plenty cookironis... until they don't! What's it take to get ahold of the last tasty snack? MAXES TO THE MAX!


Mixels fight over a single cookironi.[3]

Episode Summary


On the Large Rock, the Infernites, Cragsters and Electroids enjoy Cookironis, Krader asks for another from Flain and gives him one until he realizes that was the last one. All of the Mixels stare at Krader who retreats underground to enjoy his snack.


As Krader is about to eat the Cookironi, Zorch snags it from him. Zorch too then loses the Cookironi to Shuff, and then to Vulk and lastly to Zaptor. Zaptor gets cornered by the Cragsters, who Max to chase him. Teslo and Volectro save Zaptor and the three Electroids Max to fight off the Cragsters Max. The Infernites Max joins in and the three Maxes locate the last Cookironi and fight for it.


The three Maxes end up splitting out of exhaustion, and Zorch accidentally sits on the Cookironi, upsetting everyone. They then spot a Nixel with a full box of Cookironis and give chase as the episode ends.


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Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Nixel (debut, no speaking role)


Memorable Quotes

I love cookironis! (om nom)
Mmmm... So good. Me want another.
Cooki... zzz ...roni!
Cragsters Max


  • Vulk is electrocuted by Zaptor, despite the two being shown to be friends in Pothole.
  • This is the first appearance of Zaptor, Volectro, a Nixel and all Series 1 Maxes.
  • Seismo and Teslo have no speaking roles.
  • This is the second episode with a food-related issue (the first being Coconapple and the third being Hamlogna Conveyer Belt Madness).
  • This is the first appearance of the Large Rock, and the first time it is seen being used.
  • This episode and Mixel Moon Madness are the only episodes to have all three Maxes from a series.

Broadcast Information

This episode, "Coconapple" and "Hot Lava Shower" aired on February 12, 2014 directly following the Teen Titans Go! episode, "Be Mine" and received a total of 2.005 million viewers.

International airings

International airings
February 2014
Date Countries Title Reference
10 Hungary Hamaróni [4]
12 United States Cookironi
Canada Cookironi [5]
17 Germany Keksnudel [6]
Romania Prăjifursec [7]
19 South Korea 쿠키로니 [8]
??? Australia Cookironi
Brazil Comacarrão
Bulgaria Готверони
Denmark Kageroni
France Cuisteroni
Hong Kong TBA
India TBA
Italy Cuccheroni
Japan クッキロニ争奪戦
Latin America
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Mexico
MENA countries الحعتورون
Netherlands Koekironi
Norway Kjeksaroni
Poland Makarociacho
Portugal TBA
Russia Повароны
South Africa Cookironi
South East Asia Cookironi
Spain TBA
Sweden Kakaroner
Taiwan 義麵大廚
Turkey Kurabiye
United Kingdom & Ireland Cookironi



  • In the beginning scene, Teslo's darker yellow triangle is not moving with his lower jaw. In his second shot in the episode, it disappears entirely.
  • When Flain reacts about there being no more Cookironis left in the box, his head does not release any fire.
  • When Vulk gets electrocuted, his fingers separate from his body.
  • When Zorch gets upset about the broken Cookironi, his boosters and lighter red back are not visible from the side.
  • When the three Maxes are fighting, the Infernites Max's two smaller teeth at his lower jaw are missing.
  • When jumping towards the Cookironi, the Infernites Max is missing its flame hair.
  • While eating, Shuff's mouth opens up too high on his head.
  • The Cookironi box clips through Flain's arm when he holds it.
  • When Shuff freaks out about the Cookironi shortage, his right eye is connected to his bottom jaw.
  • When everyone is watching the Nixel eating, Zorch's eyeballs are glitching.



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