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Me no like you.

Someone not to trust.
Season 1
Episode Number 1
Production Code 501-296-01A[1]
Original Airdate February 12, 2014
Characters Infernites
Episode Guide
Hot Lava Shower

Coconapple is the first episode in the first season of Mixels. It first aired on February 12, 2014. It is also the pilot episode of the series.



Seismo reluctantly agrees to mix with Flain to get to a delicious coconapple.[sic][1]


When there's a coconapple just out of reach, what are Seismo and Zorch to do? MIX! At least, Zorch seems to think so!


Seismo mixes with Flain to make a coconapple.[sic][2]

Episode Summary

The episode begins with Flain and Vulk relaxing until Zorch comes out of nowhere and spanks Vulk, angering him. Vulk attempts to give chase but is out-sped by Zorch. Meanwhile, above the Mine, the Cragsters are digging into a large room.


The episode cuts to Seismo attempting to reach a Coconapple on a tree, only to fail to reach. Zorch comes to Seismo's aid and offers to Mix with him to reach to Coconapple, which scares Seismo. Seismo reluctantly agrees to Mix after Zorch persuades him.


The Cubit turns into a giant mixing batter and Mixes the two, terrifying Seismo as Zorch laughs. The two are Mixed with Seismo in control. The Mix checks out its huge feet only to have one blast fire into its face. The Mix takes off and crashes into the Mine, knocking Krader and Shuff over like bowling pins. The Mix then ends up in the Magma Wastelands and gets stuck in Flain's hot tub, which causes it to explode.


The explosion sends Flain flying into the air along with Zorch and Seismo, who have split from the Mix. Seismo gets angry at Zorch and attempts to catch him as the two fall through the tree where they started. Seismo claims he doesn't like Zorch as a Coconapple falls on his head, knocking him out. Zorch laughs and happily eats the Coconapple as the episode ends.


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Major Characters

Minor Characters


Memorable Quotes

Coconapple, yum-yum! Not in tum tum.
Your pal Zorch's gots your needs, man! (pulls out Cubit) TA-DA! Eh?
Heh heh! Coconapple!
— Zorch


  • The date of the premiere of this episode was confirmed on January 27, 2014.[3]
  • This episode aired in the Netherlands early on February 1, 2014.
  • In select theaters, the episode was shown before The LEGO Movie starting on February 7, 2014.
  • This episode features a short intro highlighting only 2 of the three original tribes (the Infernites and the Cragsters), then cuts to the main episode. Some versions of the intro, however, are extended to include the Electroids, and also show the Mixels filling up the screen from the full season one intro (which also shows Series 2 Mixels).
  • An alternative title for the episode is "Coconapple Conundrum", which is only used once, on the Cartoon Network blog.[4]
  • If one were to pause at a certain time, they would see that Flain is the first Mixel to be seen in the episode, and the series as a whole.
  • In Latin America and Brazil, the entire first chunk of the short is cut out, and it simply fades in on the shot where Seismo is jumping up and down to get the Coconapple.


This episode, "Cookironi" and "Hot Lava Shower" aired on February 12, 2014 directly following the Teen Titans Go! episode, "Be Mine" and received a total of 2.005 million viewers.


  • On the iTunes and Google Play descriptions for this episode, Zorch is referred to as Flain.
  • Throughout the episode, Seismo and the Mix's legs keep changing.
  • The mix de-mixes during the explosion before the sound is heard.


  • Iron Man - The design, powers, and color scheme of the boot parts of the Seismo & Zorch Mix heavily resembles the armor of Iron Man.



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