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— Seismo
Coconapple Mixels Cartoon Network

Coconapple Mixels Cartoon Network

Season 1
Episode Number 1
Production Code  ?
Original Airdate  ?
Characters Seismo
Vulk (introduction only)
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Coconapple is the first episode in season one of Mixels. It first aired on February 11, 2014.


Official Description

When there's a coconapple just out of reach, what are Seismo and Zorch to do? MIX! At least, Zorch seems to think so!


Seismo cannot reach a coconapple (combination of coconut and apple) hanging from a tree. Zorch finds him, and tells him that they will be able to get it if they mix. Seismo gets scared of that idea. However, once the two combine with each other, he gets afraid of Zorch's feet and went out of control crashing onto Krader and Shuff and later making Flain stuck to the lava pool, it then explodes leaving Seismo and Zorch in the air, Zorch then quotes that it was fun, Seismo gets mad at Zorch and chases Zorch. They then return back to their normal selves, Seismo tells Zorch that he doesn't like him. The coconapple falls off the tree and hits Seismo in the head, leaving him unconscious. Zorch laughs and eats the coconapple.


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  • This episode features a small intro highlighting only 2 of the three tribes, the Infernites and the Cragsters, then cuts to the main episode.
  • This is the first episode named after one of the Mixels' foods, the second being Cookironi.
  • This episode has the first Mix that can fly.

Memorable Quotes

Your pal Zorch's got your needs, man! (pulls out cubit) TA-DA! Eh?
— Zorch
Some fun,eh?
— Zorch
Me no like you.
— Seismo
Hehe! Coconapple!
— Zorch
Coconapple, yum-yum! Not in tum tum.
— Seismo


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