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Gotta get dis I watch now!

This page is about an episode of the Mixels television series on Cartoon Network. From here, you can also access the gallery and transcript pages for the respective episode.


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— Seismo
Zorch Seismo 2

Someone not to trust.
Season 1
Episode Number 1
Production Code  ?
Original Airdate February 12, 2014
Characters Infernites
Episode Guide

Coconapple is the first episode in season one of Mixels. It first aired on February 12, 2014. It is also the pilot episode of the series.


Zorch "helps" Seismo obtain a Coconapple, but there is more to Zorch's "good" intentions than Seismo thinks.

Episode Summary

The episode starts off with Flain taking a lava bath. Zorch speeds to Vulk and whips him with a towel. Vulk gets mad, and chases Zorch until he zips away, causing Vulk to spin around in circles. The episode clips to the Cragsters, as they start giggling.

The episode then goes to the part where Seismo attempts to grasp a coconapple and fails. Zorch runs to Seismo, and Seismo explains his need of the Coconapple. Zorch helps Seismo by grabbing a Cubit for him, but Seismo is shy about mixing with Zorch. Seismo glances at the Cubit and coconapple, and runs up to the Cubit and touches it with Zorch. A stirrer appears, and picks up Seismo and Zorch, and starts to spin around. Seismo is scared due to the actions, but Zorch doesn't seem to mind. They bump into each other and mix. The Seismo/Zorch mix comes up. The mix looks at one of his jet boosters, which enables it and leads to him accidentally burning Seismo's eye. The mix flies around, crashing into Shuff and Krader, and soon into the Infernites' home. The Seismo/Zorch mix runs into Flain's bath. Flain gets overwhelmed by the clogged lava, and his fiery head explodes. Flain flies up from the explosion, and then Seismo and Zorch appear.

Seismo and Zorch try to run away in the air and they both crash down to their original area. Seismo tells Zorch that he doesn't like him, and he gets knocked out by the coconapple he was trying to reach. It bounces to Zorch, and he eats the coconapple.


Major Characters

Minor Characters



For a full transcript of "Coconapple (episode)", click here.


  • The date of the premiere of the first episode was confirmed on January 27, 2014.[1]
  • This episode features a short intro highlighting only 2 of the three original tribes (the Infernites and the Cragsters), then cuts to the main episode.
    • Some versions of the intro, however, are extended to include the Electroids, and also show the Mixels filling up the screen from the full intro.
  • This is the first episode named after one of the Mixels' foods, the second being Cookironi.
  • This is the first episode to have a problem that is food related, second being Cookironi, and third being Hamlogna Conveyer Belt Madness.


  • Iron Man - The design, powers, and color scheme of the boot parts of the Seismo/Zorch mix heavily resembles the armor of Iron Man .

Memorable Quotes

Your pal Zorch's got your needs, man! (pulls out cubit) TA-DA! Eh?
— Zorch
Me no like you.
— Seismo
Coconapple, yum-yum! Not in tum tum.
— Seismo



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