[Start in Magma Wastelands. Flain is lounging in a lava hot tub, and Vulk is walking. Zorch runs in, spanks Vulk with a towel and laughs. Vulk yells and charges at him, but he runs off, causing Vulk to spin out. Cut to the Mine. The Cragsters take turns burrowing out of the ground and laugh. Cut to outside, near a tree. Seismo is jumping up, trying to get a Coconapple, but sighs in defeat when he can’t reach.]

Zorch: (Offscreen.) Yo, Seismo! (Sinister version of Mixels theme plays) (Runs in, circles Seismo a few times.) Hey man, what you ups to?

Seismo: (Pointing to Coconapple.) Coconapple, Yum yum! (Grows sad.) Not in tum tum...

Zorch: No worries, Your pal Zorch gots your needs man! (Pulls out a Cubit.) TA-DA! Eh? (Looks around, Seismo’s hiding behind the tree. He sets the Cubit down, and pats it.) Coconapple...tum tum!

[Seismo nervously goes up to it and touches it.]

Seismo: (Crying softly in fear.)

[The Cubit turns into a giant mixing bowl with beaters.]

Seismo: (Breathing heavily in fear.)

Zorch: (Laughs.)

[The mixer machine burrows the two in the ground as Seismo tries to run away. They are then plunged into the bowl, spiraling around, with batter sticking to them.]

Seismo: (Screaming.)

Zorch: (Cackling.)

Seismo and Zorch: MIX!

[The two collide each with each other and Mix. The bowl explodes and the Seismo/Zorch is in its place. He stands with a determined look, but then stares at his feet in confusion. One of the jets goes off, turning his face red-hot.]

Seismo & Zorch Mix: (in Seismo’s voice) FACE! It bur- (Suddenly rockets off, starts screaming.)

[Cut to the Mines, Krader and Shuff are lounging halfway in holes, laughing. The Mix bowls them over with a pin-crashing sound. Cut to the Magma Wastelands, Flain is still lounging in the hot tub. The Mix goes underground and pops upwards into the tub, pressing both of them tight.]

Flain: (Straining heavily, his eyes burst into flames and he screams.)

[An explosion is caused, launching all of them up. Flain falls down with his arms crossed and Seismo and Zorch fall, de-mixed.]

Zorch: (Lounging in midair.) Heh, some fun, eh?

Seismo: (Angrily, chasing him in midair.) YOU...!

Zorch: (Cheerfully screams.)

[The two of them land in the coconapple tree and fall on the ground.]

Seismo: (Angrily.) Me no like you.

[Coconapple falls, knocking Seismo out]

Zorch: Hehe! Coconapple! (Devours coconapple whole.)

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