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Spikels Coconapple

Appearances Coconapple
Epic Comedy Adventure
Mixel Moon Madness
Type Food
Coconapple, yum-yum! Not in tum-tum.

Coconapples are a type of food from Mixel Land.


Coconapples, being a combination of a simple coconut and apple, have the top half of a Granny Smith apple and the bottom half of a brown coconut seed.

However, the apple part of the Coconapple can also come in red, and the seed part can come in an orange-gold color. These variations come from a flaming variety, which is always on fire.


C 7


Seismo is seen trying to reach a Coconapple on a pipe tree, and struggling in the process. Zorch then comes by, only to be explained to that Seismo can't get his coconapple. They then Mix, cause a series of events, and then, the coconapple bonks on Seismo's head, knocking him out. It finally gets eaten by Zorch.

Beautiful and to be protected


Coconapples are seen hanging from a tree in the zoom-out of the landscape while Zaptor is talking about the problems the pothole brings to the environment.

We got hamlogna

Epic Comedy Adventure

Coconapples appear on multiple trees.


Mixel Moon Madness

Fossilized Coconapples are seen underground when the Nixels are digging under the Mixel Moon.


  • It is Seismo's favorite food. It is also known that Slumbo[1] and Zorch enjoy them to some extent.
  • It is presumably healthy.
  • So far its apple part is only seen in green show-wise, and red in Calling All Mixels. It is possible that the top can also come in gold or yellow.
  • The coconut seed part comes in both brown and an orange-gold color, the latter color for the flaming version.
  • It is seen in Seismo's mirror video.
  • In Calling All Mixels, flaming Coconapples are seen. Their leaves are not burnt, and it is unknown why they are on fire.
  • They are grown off of Pipe Trees.
  • It is unknown of their individual density, as a real-world coconut falling on one's head would cause death due to their thick shells.
  • In the Infernites Game, the coconut half of the Coconapple is missing and they have dark green stripes running down them.
    • It is possible that it could just be a Coconapple seed.
      • For some reason, when planted, these Coconapples create sunflower cacti instead of pipe trees.
  • They somehow appear to be clean and shiny when they are fully grown.
  • A yellow Coconapple appears in a sticker book.

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