Chickens are creatures that exist in Mixel Land.



Chickens are similar to the real life animal with the same name.



Chickens appear as the Cubit humor when the Electroids and Cragsters Max.

Mixel Moon Madness

The Ship-Space has a wind turbine with a rooster on top of it.

Every Knight Has Its Day

Before a Murpball match at Mixopolis Middle School, Camillot says that if they run around "like a bunch of helpless chickens", they'll be much harder to hit.


  • It is possible that chickens exist outside of Mixing. The reason is that Rokit says in Mixel Moon Madness that the dome of Orbitopia is as fragile as an eggshell. One of the things that could have laid an egg would have to be a bird or a lizard, one of the most common being a chicken.
  • This is the only non-Mixamal animal seen on the show. But in the 2018 reboot, snakes also exist.


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