[The episode starts in a building in the Electroid Kingdom. Cut to inside, Teslo is standing behind a desk, wearing a mortarboard and using a pointer to point to a chalkboard with a drawing of a lighbulb on it. Volectro and Zaptor are sitting on stools.]

Teslo: Today, we learn how many Electroids it will take to change a lightbulb!

Volectro: When will we EVER need to know that!?

[Lightbulb breaks, Volectro shrieks.] 

Teslo: (Dryly, eye narrowed in annoyance.) Right now.

Zaptor and Volectro: (Huddling near each other) WE'RE SCARED!

Teslo: Everyone calm down and look for a lightbulb! (Volectro and Zaptor seperate and walk towards other sides of the room.)

Zaptor: (Lights up his head) Hey, I found a hamlogna sandwich! (Picks up sandwich, Teslo's eye narrows in annoyance) Will this help?

Volectro: Hey, what's this? (Lights his hands up, holding Cubit.) I found a Cubit!

Teslo: (Eye narrows in slight annoyance) But a Cubit isn't a lightbulb. (Lights his tail up, holding a lightbulb.) But this is! Now how to reach? Let's Max! And use...

Volectro: THE CUBIT! (Runs towards the others.)

[All three grab the Cubit. The Cubit morphs into a giant sunflower.]

Electroids: (With hearts coming from their heads.) Awwwwwwwwwww. (The flower shoots vines out of its mouth, eats the Mixels, and explodes) MAAAAX!

[The Electroids Max's whole body is outlined with light.]

Electroids Max: (Inserts lightbulb.) Not enough power. (Puts tail in socket and amplifies the lightbulb, as he surges with electricity and lights everything up.)

[Cut to outside, the giant Lightbulb sun blows up.]

Electroids Max: (Offscreen.) How many Maxes will it take to change THAT lightbulb!?

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