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The Catch Up Nixel is a random Nixel used as a running gag in the series.



The Catch Up Nixel acts exactly like a regular Nixel. However, he is a bit slower than normal Nixels; always being left behind in chases.

Physical Appearance

The Catch Up Nixel is simply a square-topped Nixel. He also seems to be slightly smaller than other Nixels.


Catch Up Nixel has the habit of trailing behind all of the other Nixels in the swarm during chases.

While pursuing Volectro and Shuff, it tries to keep up with the Nixel swarm ("Wrong Colors"), and also while running towards the tribal leaders. ("Epic Comedy Adventure")


  • It is known that the Nixel that tries to catch up in both episodes happens to be the same one, as they both have square tops. This is due to the fact that the animation from the first chase scene was reused for the second.


TV series

Season 1



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