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Cannon Nixel
CannonNixel byNF971.png
Debut Calling All Mixels
Last Appearance Calling All Mixels
Nicknames (aka) None
Tribe Nixels
Position Weaponized evil minion
Gender Preference Male
Color Black and white
Special Features Cannon
Likes Cannons
Dislikes Mixels
Quote None
Voice Actor Fred Tatasciore
Game Abilities None

The Cannon Nixel is a Nixel that made his only appearance as an enemy in the Mixels mobile app game, Calling All Mixels.



The Cannon Nixel acts exactly like a regular Nixel.

Physical Appearance

The Cannon Nixel is a Nixel of unknown ear-shape, as his ears are covered by a light grey crash helmet with dark grey stripes and a yellow star. On his back is a backpack-like cannon.


He is loaded with a large cannon, allowing him to project objects vastly.


Cannon Nixel appears as a common enemy during Nixel swarm attacks. He attacks by launching cupcakes from his cannon at Mixels in battle. Because of his cannon, he can attack from a further range.

A Cannon Nixel later appeared with a Boomerang Nixel and another Nixel with a helmet inside of the cannon. The Boomerang Nixel throws his boomerang, which accidentally hits the button on the Cannon Nixel's remote control and ends up making the cannon backfire, coating all three Nixels in ashes. ("Calling All Mixels")


  • He can shoot cupcakes from his cannon, and Nixels as additional ammo too.
  • His cupcakes also appear in Epic Comedy Adventure where they were made by Major Nixel. This could mean that Major Nixel made the ammo.
  • In the game, his cannons seem to fire automatically. However, in the cutscene "Crazy Nixels", they require a button to push them.


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